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Thanks to new tools released by Patreon this place is much, MUCH, more than just a blog!
It is, in fact, directly linked to Patreon.

What does it mean?

  • all the content (pictures, animations, download links) will be hosted here, not in our Patreon page, to benefit of a much better and customizable interface!
  • there’s Patron-only posts in here too!
  • At the very least, I won’t ever be forced again to edit/delete the posts I spent hours working on.

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REBRAND: Princess & Conquest!

We’re currently rebranding the game, the new title is Princess & Conquest and we’re also changing the look of the main girls!

Here’s the progress status:

Main Princesses

Secondary Princesses

It’s not cool to delay releases, but it’s even less cool when the update the players have been waiting for so long is being delayed from the outside.
This is no time to be pointing fingers or to go into detail, but I can say we strongly believe we’ll solve this issue soon.
Rest assured that v0.15 is ready and that we’ll spend this time polishing it as we start working on v0.16. The latest playable update will be released as soon as I get the all clear signal.
I’ll be able to share more informations at a later time.

Come get it while it’s HOT!

A truckload of new animations and costumes, I didn’t even had the time to organize them all for the galleries, but will surely do it right after v0.15 release!

Princess & Conquest gallery is available to 5$+ Patrons!
Princess Mode and its gallery are available only to 10$+ Patrons!

You can access both the galleries from the  to the left!

Before starting, as I’ve already wrote on Patreon, release for v0.15 slips to the first week of September.
We’re not that late but there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be touched:

Sheesh… almost doubled in term of artworks.

So… major stuff being worked on, only regarding art:

EVERY Princess getting EVERY costume back

All the Princesses in the game got their new look and all the costumes will be available for v0.15!

EVERY NPC getting EVERY costume

Hundreds of cute dresses to cover for the thousands of different looks you can get for the available races!

EVERY NPC getting dedicated sprites

More than 750 new sprites have been added!
We’re dealing with Driders right now, then all the available races will be ready!

New animations for NPCs around the Kingdom!

Now travelling around the Kingdom is way more important in order to see and unlock new animations!

New CG!


A new CG scene just got added to the game! Last minute stuff!

This is it about the latest addition to our artworks, there’s so much more that I’ll probably have to redact and release the complete changelog together or a couple days after the version is out!
Ah, the joy of discovery.