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REBRAND: Princess & Conquest!

We’re currently rebranding the game, the new title is Princess & Conquest and we’re also changing the look of the main girls!

Here’s the progress status:

Main Princesses

Secondary Princesses

Moving on many fronts, here!
Just in case you’ve missed it, v0.15 will be released in Early Access on the 30th of August!
The full changelog will be published soon, this new vesion will include:
The complete changelog will be posted here before the 30th, writing everything down will require some serious work! For now, let’s show something sweet!
  • A third pixel animator/editor will join the team soon and here’s the preview of a cool set of animations for ghost NPCs he’s working on, the one shown being for transparent ghosts!

  • Akai just finished working on the remade animations for Mouse and will now move onto Insect, while adding one completely new animation for both!

  • Fleshbean will deliver a large batch of them very soon too (dragons, MORE dragons, skeletons and mice)!

This was the latest of Flesh’s batches, with more than 20 animations added to our pool!

With this many new animations I’ve found myself looking around for NPCs much more than before, cursing the many wars happening in the debug savefile for stopping most of the cute monstergirls from visiting the various places in the Kingdom: the usual meeting places were almost empty, with 1-2 visitors at most.

The skeletons’ dance club had the usual skeleton dancers, but no actual customer. That’s got to be bad for business.

With this, I think we’re ready to proceed with August Animation Poll!

On the sprites department: golems are ready! All the main races have custom sprites now, we’re just missing the ones for races that have a Progeny, but aren’t playable yet (dragons, driders and lamias)!

I’ll go back working on one of the new scenes we’ve added (Mouse X Goblin Princess counseling at the Campsite), everything got to be ready for the 30th~!


Time for another challenge! We’ll deal with the most of it during this month, so just enjoy the ride!

Why we had to make these changes is very simple:

  • We made a lot of costumes
  • We made Princesses able to look different in thousands ways

For these reasons (and because I thought it’d be cute) we had to make costumes wearable by everyone!

Kobolds already have everything in place!

Of course this whole deal means you will be able to use either the Classic or Custom Princesses and have their costumes be shown in every occasion!.
But that’s just the entrance of the rabbit hole: we’ll be able to play around A LOT MORE with NPCs!

Filling the prison with NPCs wearing their race’s prisoner outfit?

Having soldiers with custom looks AND the battlesuits?

Having events starring the Princesses and their maids?

Scantily dressed succubi in the tavern at night?

Mouse construction workers?

Different clothing habits for cold/hot seasons?

Richer reigns having a wider choice, while the poor ones will be able to wear only the default or worn-out looking ones?

I could go on all day, and I’m sure our Patrons will be able to give us a lot of good ideas, like usual.

With this new addition every new area, event or costume we add to the game will be more important than ever and I, but I believe I can talk on behalf of the whole team, can’t wait to see where this will lead us to.

“Yeah, but where’s the vaganas?!”

You’re right, this is a game about sexing monstergirls afterall, so let’s get back to it.
While Akai keeps working on new animations and on editing the old ones to fit the new looks of the Princesses (he’s about finished with the 2 animations for Mouse Princess), the new pixel artist we hired,

in 2 days,

worked on more animations for kobolds, moths, insects and dogs! I’ll show the new additions to the Patrons, in tonight’s next post.

In this couple of days we worked on more than 20 different animations that will be played during NPCs sexy times and we plan to add even more meat to v0.15 (ETD is still this August), until we have at least 1 animation (many will have more) for every single race!


Our new pixel artist!

He will take care (for now) of the edits and recolours of the animations we have on our hands, to make sure everyone in the Kingdom gets to become “good friends” with our Knight.
A big welcome to him!

A lot of good stuff!

Look at all those shady silhouettes, don’t you want to know what they hide?!

Princess & Conquest gallery is available to 5$+ Patrons!
Princess Mode and its gallery are available only to 10$+ Patrons!

You can access both the galleries from the  to the left!

… and I’m not even talking about v0.15 finally be ready to be released during August.

Let’s make good use of the start of this new month to write down what’s planned to get done as far as art is concerned!

Starting with:


All the old costumes are getting reshaped to fit the new girls, but considering how things are right now, this wasn’t enough!

Just like Regalia (that’s the name of the royal dresses) can be wore by classic and custom Princesses…

Classic to the left, custom to the right.

… all the other dresses AND alternative forms are getting the same treatment!

This means that (now) custom Princesses will be able to wear the different dresses like the classic one do and that (shortly after v0.15) the NPCs and Progeny will be able to wear them too!

Imagine being in a beach/underwater map and to meet a golem that’s not wearing its Big Mommy Suit.. ridicolous!!

To make another example: Kobold Princess won the poll last month (DnD rogue costume) 🡆 all the kobolds will be able to wear that set and to look dark and edgy!


Same thing goes for pregnant NPCs.
The Princesses are of course getting their pregnant portraits this month, but the same will happen for all the custom looking characters!

NPC events to “feel” the Kingdom

I’m planning a lot of possible random events to happen (always blended with what’s happening in the Kingdom during your playthrough), and characters may appear sometime to ask the Knight for help, being it monster-related help or mundane quests.

While it seems like a little thing, mixing random events with the sexy ones will make the latters feel both more special and more natural, if you get what I mean.
There will be places you’ll visit for easy lewds, other you’ll visit for quests and other you’ll visit to relax and to chat with travelers or local characters.

Once again I will stress this concept: this is not an Adult Game as much as it’s a Game with (a lot of) Adult content.
We want to make both the parts of it enjoyable.


I’ve reworked how sprites are called / assigned to the characters ingame, this new method makes everything easier and drastically reduces the workload to add new ones to the our pool and to play around with them:

  • all the NPCs are assigned the closest one between the ones at our disposition (around 500 for the currently playable races), only the golems are missing and are currently being prepared
  • same things goes for the Princesses and for your NPCs. If you’re an eligible Patron (10$ tier ) you can get your custom looking character to appear in the Faun’s Tavern!


Ha! We’re also getting eggs for all the different races that need them this month!

Kobolds already have theirs, but Insects, Moths, Driders, Lamias and Dragons also need their own!
The eggs will give hints about their content once you get used to the patterns, but nothing more than the race and the colour of the offspring!

Final pieces

Lastly, in August we’ll get the remaining members of the current cast done, namely Pirate, Arcane, Crest and Gazer Princess (names may be subject to changes).
We’re taking alternative roads for some of them, expect new things! New things is good!

Time for a recap episode!

Most of the cast got its new upgraded looks and is ready for the first release of Princess & Conquest, happening during August!

We worked on the secondary (non recruitable) Princesses HARD this month, and the results were waaay better than what we could expect.

The 4 remaining ones are getting added in August.

From here you can access all the release posts:

Main Princesses

Secondary Princesses

And now let’s show a preview of some of the secondary Princesses I’ve yet to show!

Faun Princess

Always tipsy (or more), she’s the inkeep of the Faun’s Tavern, one of the most important places in the game!

She needs adult content HARD and we will give her what she needs soon!

Mimic Princess

A perfectly normal Princess stuck in a perfectly normal chest.

She needs to get scolded HARD and we will give her what she needs soon!

We have also added sprites for the many of the different races you can find in the game, there’s hundreds of them so all the NPCs / Progeny will end up looking in the overworld map as their portrait does.

We finished just now the Succubi/Satyrs/Desert dwellers, for a grand total of 75 sprite sheets for them alone. Now we’re working on the golems, then all the playable races will have their own unique sprites!

Right after golems we will add new ones for dragons, lamias and driders. This way all the races with a Progeny will have the right sprite for the right portrait~

I’m also preparing a new area, the Hunter’s Terrace, that will be placed inside the Cats Reign and will host martial artists, hot tubs and only the most skilled hunters in the Kingdom!

Still WIP, but will make for a great addition!

I’ll make a short video of the place soon, as I finish polishing the map and bugtesting the Harvest Reign, look forward to it!