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Hey! Here’s new stuff  regarding the sweet Kobold Princess and the sexy Skelly!

Both their ingame locations will change to some degree in v0.13.2:

  • Ice and Bones
Frost upon us!

Skeleton Princess‘ reign is now covered in ice!
This is not natural ice, like the one you’d find around Dragon Princess II’s castle, but it’s caused by the Princess being around. As soon as the skeletons fall (but won’t happen if the Princess elopes with you and leaves the reign to one of her Heirs) the territories around her castle will go back being a swampy area.

As long as everything is covered in ice a new area, around the frozen lake, will be accessible!

  • Wood and Stones
What hides itself amongst stonelike trees?

North of the Kobold Fortress (or what remains of it…) a new thicket appears!

The kobolds used to live in there, but left the Canopy Forest to lead a civilized life between walls of stone and mud. What settled in there after all this time?
The Canopy Forest is also the main source of Wood for the Fortress. If a woodcutter doesn’t come back you know where to search for him!

I’ve also changed the items you can get during the intro in the Kobold Fortress (check Red Candle and Warm Ore in https://towergirlskingdom.com/items/).
They have new effects and the one you choose will influence your early game, making battles OR breeding easier!
While the Red Candle will greatly power up the Princess equipping it (but it comes with a side effect…), the Warm Ore’s fuzzy heat will help you get children faster!

And now, the Premium stuff!


Here we go! Another version releases after a little more than 2 weeks, but full of new stuff!

v0.13.1 Changelog:

  • Additions

-Moth Princess “Blue Lantern” scene added!
-Forgotten Gardens NPCs dialogues added!
-Forgotten Gardens BGM added!
-Goblin NPCs animation #2 In 4 different colours!
-Goblin NPCs animation #2 (Bugbear variant) In 16 different colour combinations!
-Moth NPCs sprites added!
-Moth Princess animation #1 added!
-More signs (for Slime Princess, Fairy Princess and Dog Princess) added!
-New items (Moonlight Glass, Moonlight Glass Cloak, Shining Egg, Heir’s Coin) added!
-New effects for Eternal Key: limitless sexual stamina for the Knight, if he’s equipping it!
-New effects for Pheromone Cluster: the Princess equipping it will always be ovulating!
-New effects for Drake’s Bane: burn it into a campfire to get 2 of them!

  • Bugfixes

-Ghost Princess animation placement fixed
-Princesses sometimes changing into progeny fixed
-Holstaur Bar/Tavern/Greenking Brewery NPCs’ facing direction fixed
-Mouse Princess’ number of sisters fixed
-Golem NPCs causing crashes in Holstaur Bar fixed
-Heir randomization correction fixed
-Stealth in Slime Princess’ Throne sometimes not starting fixed
-Stealth in Insect Princess’ Hive issues fixed
-Slime dialogues after Eloping fixed
-Testos-X on Mouse Princess not working fixed
-Mouse Clocktown passability issues fixed
-White Flower Garments equippable by everyone fixed
-Goblin “Slave Express” quest placement of the contractor fixed
-Costumes resetting to default after elope/recruitment fixed
-Sleep Powder not getting consumed after use fixed
-Progeny occasionally not having dialogue lines fixed
-Slime/Insect Princess crashing after goblin auction fixed
-Battles not ending properly (mostly Moth) fixed
-Engine not resetting all quests on NG+ fixed
-Eternal Key not working correctly on Princesses fixed
-Skeleton Princess costumes not working fixed
-Progeny menu sometimes getting stuck fixed

Here you can check the complete changelog for all the versions of the game

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I realize it’s hard to keep track of everything, with the development going for long times and things changing as we go, so I’m going to add an internal “Wiki” section in this site, you will be able to access from the  button to the left!

First I’ll start covering the most troublesome items (where/when to find them and their effects), then it will be time for Princesses, enemies, costumesalternative forms, NPCs, places and routes/scenes you can play in the game.

Whoever wants to give his contribution is free to contact me at towergirlskc@gmail.com!