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REBRAND: Princess & Conquest!

We’re currently rebranding the game, the new title is Princess & Conquest and we’re also changing the look of the main girls!

Here’s the progress status:

Main Princesses

  • Kobold: Completed
  • Human: Completed
  • Slime: Completed
  • Golem: Completed
  • Insect: In Progress
  • Skeleton: In Progress
  • Desert: Completed
  • Ghost: In Progress
  • Goblin: Completed
  • Moth: Completed
  • Cat: Completed
  • Dog: Completed
  • Mouse: Completed
  • Rabbit: Completed
  • Harvest: Completed

Secondary Princesses

  • Merchant: In Progress
  • Lamia: In Progress
  • Assassin: Not Started
  • Faun:  In Progress
  • Arcane: Not Started
  • Fairy: Not Started
  • Frog:  In Progress
  • Crest/Armor/Dullahan: Not Started
  • Gazer: Not Started
  • Holstaur: In Progress
  • Knight: In Progress
  • Drider:  In Progress
  • Mimic:  In Progress
  • Sphinx: Not Started
  • Pirate: Not Started
  • Werebeast: Not Started

There’s much to report! EGGS, for the most of it!

As you may know many of the available races, namely the ones laying eggs, are getting this exclusive mechanics to deliver their Progeny.

We’re talking about (currently):

  • Kobolds
  • Insects
  • Moths
  • Driders
  • Lamias
  • Dragons

Until last week the system that was in place included eggs as items and an incubator and you needed to place them into the incubator using a menu in order to hatch some babies from it.

As I kept working on it I realized that couldn’t do, it would have been too complicated to store the mother’s traits in items you can get in multiple copies, making the trait inheriting system not work with egg-laying races.

A kobold egg. All the races will get unique ones.

The only solution was to deal with eggs in the same way as more famous (for now!) games do.

When an egg is laid it will be placed in your party (or in the Progeny bank if your party is full).
The kid IS already inside, you’ll just need to walk around in the world map in order to hatch it!

Of course, while waiting for Drider, Wyvern and Lamia Princess to be impregnable, you will be able to find…

  • NPCs of these new races in the usual meeting spots!

  • Eggs hidden around the Kingdom!

A hidden egg you may find in a cave or a cliff won’t tell you about the mother’s race, while the ones you get straight from the mother’s womb(!) will tell you at least the race of the kid!

I’ve already planned many different patterns you can use to identify what’s inside the egg though, so you can prioritize hatching one over the others if you have more than one egg with you.
Once the content is hatched you’re set! With the new system of trait inheritance you will be able to start working on that ideal monstergirl you desire.


Now I’m off organizing your egg hunt for v0.15!

That unique dragon egg will be so hard to find…

If you’re unable to access the website to get your sweet Patron content:
a user reported Adblock / Privacy Badger being the sources of the issue. If anybody else can confirm it, I’ll just contact the support team and have them do something about it!

Thank you for your understanding!

Getting there~

I had to resize everything down and that’s just some of the stuff in there! This month was probably one of the most satisfying with all the new Princesses, menus and updated progenies!

Princess & Conquest gallery is available to 5$+ Patrons!
Princess Mode and its gallery are available only to 10$+ Patrons!

You can access both the galleries from the  to the left!

Long-awaited, finally we have our own library to generate Dragons!
These will be used to generate random looking NPCs, Custom Dragon Princesses and a new Progeny line!

With this new addition we now have close to 100k differently looking NPCs, between:

  • Kobolds
  • Humans
  • Slimes
  • Golems
  • Insects
  • Skeletons
  • Succubi/Satyrs
  • Ghosts
  • Goblins
  • Moths
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Mice
  • Rabbits
  • Driders
  • Lamias
  • Dragons

It’s really starting to feel like I wanted from the beginning, a world with a lot of secrets and always different looking characters to discover and to interact with!

But let’s cut to the good part! I’ve selected only a few of the possible outcomes, that are close to 5000 for this race alone!

The portraits are huge, you’ll normally be able to see them only from the waist up. Such a shame! Luckily there’s menus that show the whole body~

Seamen’s Demon


Gotta admit that meeting one of these girls (or guys) while casually traveling around the Kingdom… aaaah if I get hyped myself it must be a good sign, right?

If you choose to play with Custom Dragon Princesses the colour won’t be randomized (so that you won’t end up with a red coloured ice dragon) and they’ll always be of the “winged” kind, but all the rest will be drawn casually by the assets at their disposal!

That being said, all the other dragon NPCs will have completely random features, sometimes influenced by where you happen to find them, but that’s it!

With dragons we’re done with the Progeny for all the breedable races in Princess & Conquest up to v0.16, when Wyvern Princess will join the cast!
For now let’s focus on v0.15’s release, the drought will end soon!


I hinted a couple weeks ago about a second Princess hidden inside the Harvest Reign, well… here she is!

Scarecrow Princess

You think Harvest Princess is a softie? That s/he’s unfit to the role?

Well, this is your lucky day!

Join forces with the PumpKing and overthrow (or take with you) Harvest Princess! Finally the Harvest Reign will have a competent ruler.

Make the fields great again, with Scarecrow Princess!

While not currently recruitable there’s much she can do already!
(Like usual, what I’m showing right now is currenly in the game, not a feature we’ll include in future)

  • Class: Undead 🢂 Undead/Monster
  • Special Ability: Starvation

She starts as a pure Undead, just like Golem Princess (while Skeleton and Ghost are often Undead/Human or Undead/Monster in some occasions) but she has a second form that changes her into an Undead/Monster.

While it’s hard to get along with a simple Undead, doing so with an Undead/Monster is close to impossible. Expect her to hate/be hated by most of the cast!

What happens if she doesn’t like someone? She makes sure they starve!

She controls the fields around the Harvest Reign, that equals to controlling most of the food in the Kingdom!

If she raises to power no other reign would dare lift a finger against her and the living will lose population every day, unless they control other sources of food, until they fall to ruin!

The Knight will have to stop her from running wild… or enjoy seeing the Kingdom getting emptier by the day, that’s for you to choose.

Since the guys at Itch.io went ahead and added such a cool feature…

You can now preorder Princess & Conquest on Itch.io!
You will be notified when v0.15 is ready and, from that point onward, get your dirty hands on the new releases as soon as they’re out!


Glad to announce that everything is ready for 2 more races to get lewded in game!


This animation comes in 2 versions, big and small (the previewed one) breasts and 5 different colours (white, purple grape, green grape, red grape and brown), for a total of 10 different animations!


Slimes instead come in the Leg (see preview) and Goo bottom versions, and the 4 different colours you can find ingame slimes, for a total of 8 different animations!

These animations are used when the Knight has sex with random NPCs he can find in the Kingdom of Princess & Conquest of while having sex with Custom Princesses!

Either if you want to build a lewder Kingdom (perfectly feasible if using and abusing the Kingdom Lewdness stat) or fight to protect your one and only Princess, all of that will be possible in v0.15, that won’t be late and release this summer!

And now, a preview of the next one:

It’s the curvaceous Human Princess, as promised!

Next are Mouse and Insect, with their new looks!