Mechanics of War

Time to start where we left, so it’s time to explain the mechanics of WAR!

After a short intro/tutorial section the player will be sent in an unstable kingdom, where the most powerful princess (the red dragon) leaves to recover from the ass-kicking you gave her.

Because of that the relations between all the other reigns starts to crumble, since every one sees their chance to gain power at the expenses of other reigns.

The first war is chosen at random between the 4 starting factions (Human, Slime, Golem, Desert) and from that point on the situation will likely worsen!

The Player can influence the princesses he gains affinity with into declaring war or peace at his biddings


this time we’re not talking about that, because I will explain how the automatically processed part of war works.

War can be automatically declared if the Avversity between 2 reigns raises over a certain limit.

What’s avversity?
-Avversity of reign A to reign B is

increased by:
               Reign A Army Power
               A/B natural avversity ( ex. Human/Skeleton has a high natural avversity )
decreased by:
               Reign B Army Power
               A/B diplomatic relations

If this A -> B Avversity Value goes over a limit, related to the distance between the capitals, A will declare war to B!

Now that these 2 reigns are at war the map will show the current situation, in picture the Skeleton and Insect reigns are at war:

The timeless battle between insects and skeletons.

The battle is taking place between the Insect capital to the North and the skellies one to the South.
The Player can decide to fight for an army or another directly,or help them develop new weapons to gain advantages in their current and future battles, but if he simply kicks back and relaxes he’ll notice that the two armies will move to a capital or another after some time.

Insects snapping bones.

Oh no! I left the game running and after some time the insects reached the skeleton’s capital. Now they’re actually SIEGING the skellies!
From this point a timer will start ticking, counting down toward the defending army demise.
Higher the defending reign Defense, longer this countdown will last.

If it reaches 0 the skeleton’s capital will fall and the Insect Princess will occupy another city, gaining Army Power and Wealth, but the Avversity the remaining kingdoms have for winner will also raise, increasing the chance a war will be declared on the insects.

Before the timer expires the player can choose to enter the city and save the princess in danger ( we’ll cover this another time) OR fight to free the city from the sieging army.

The spookies getting sieged.

If the player succeeds the insect’s army will be pushed back and the siege will be over, saving the spooky skeletons from the swarm’s fury!

After this short introduction on the war mechanics I will go in detail on how the Player can relate with the different reigns and influence them directly.
Feel free to enjoy the game in his current state, the demo DL link is in this blog’s first post.

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