Towergirls Kingdom Conquest – The basics

Hello everyone!

Probably this will be the first time you hear about it, but I’m working from some months to a Towergirls ( kinda strategic RPG, focused on the war that rises after the Dragon Princess leaves the kingdom.
The game is built on RPGM VXAce, and for now I’m the only one working on it, besides Sinweaver that helped me with some sprites.
In this RPG you’ll play as a knight that’s called to decide the sorts of the kingdom, since he can supports, actively or not, a princess or another. 
Every single reign has his stats, as:
Army Power- Decides the balance of power of 2 reigns at war.

Defence- Decides how much a reign can resist under siege.

Wealth- Influences Army Power/Defence.

Population- Rises if the kingdom is wealthy and can sustain itself, if it reaches 0 the reign is likely doomed.

Taxes- Increases Wealth with time but influences negatively the sustainability of the current population.

At the beginning of the game (version 0.6) the world will look like this:

The World Map, showing the main factions and the Dragons.

The 6 main reigns, waiting for the next wave, are:


The Dragon I and II and the kobold are the main NPCs, but there are a lot of minor ones.
The one you can hire in your team (we’ll cover the HOWs another time) are the ones in picture:

See these princesses? They will be your one day.

Every one has her unique skills that can be learned via a distribution in 4 main Parent Stats:


Usnug, the Kobold Princess. 

You get 2 points at the beginning, then 1 point every level;
only Power actually increases the princesses stats, but you’ll need the other 3 for passive bonus and for the combinations that let you learn new skills ( ex: Insect Princess needs 2 points in Love and 1 in Power to learn the skill ”Insect Acid”).

After this brief introduction we’ll start explaining how the whole war declaration/battle/siege/conquer thing works, but you’re free to try the game in his current state downloading it with this link: MEGA.

Next time I’ll start explaining how the player can actually influence the course of war in many many ways, stay tuned!


  1. I have been following towergirls since 2014, to see that it has so much content to work with and we'll see a game of this makes me happy i saw your demo back at 8chan, good luck anon, make this happen, don't end up like both Broquest development teams

  2. Is there going to be at least one trap in this game? I was hoping for boy princess but I don't see anything indicating he will be included.

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