Military and Political Power

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While I keep working on the spooky Ghost manor, the first capital of the southern part of the Princess Kingdom…

Ghost Mansion WIP.

We will start talking about the Player/rest of the world relations.

Basically Anon the hero and his sidekick, the Kobold Princess, will cause a series of events that will bring war to the Kingdom.
Recognizing that, you’re called to do something about it, being it try to bring peace again or helping a reign or another to control the world, thus ending the chaos.

To do either one you will need power, being it military power or political power.

-Military Power
How to gain it? That’s the easy one.
Like you’re doing from 20 years or so, you fight monsters/soldiers or whatever to gain levels.

I forgot to mention that the stats system works differently for the Player.
The 4 parent stats, where you can distribute points into, this time are:

STR (Strength)
END (Endurance)
INT (Intelligence)
DEX (Dexterity)

Anon, the Hero, in all his level 1 might.

This time any parent stat grants you points in the classical stats.

STR -> in order ATK, DEF, MDE then the others
END -> in order DEF, AGI, MDE then the others
INT -> in order MAT, LUK, MDE then the others
DEX -> in order AGI, LUK, DEF then the others

The player will get some skills with levels, but all the others will be granted via the distribution system;
this way you can build your character around INT to play more like a mage, or STR in you want warrior skills (STR/INT paladin? END/STR barbarian? DEX/INT break-dancing mage?).

You can also gain power convincing defeated princesses to join your ranks, but it will be difficult, and we will talk about it next time.

-Political Power
You can actually influence the way any reign is governed from his princess if you gain enough Affinity with that faction.

How to get Affinity Points? Easy
Affinity of Player to reign A

increases by:
              Helping them directly in battle
              Convincing a defending princess in a siege to abdicate in A favor
              Helping reign A develop new armaments
              Using items
decreases by:
              Going against them in battle
              Taking choices that A princess really dislikes during quests      

Without the necessary amount of Affinity you won’t even be able to meet the reign princess (2 Aff points req. usually)!

The sweet, sweet Human Princess.

But with enough Affinity you can influence a reign into declaring a war (6 Aff points req.), signing a peace treaty (8 Aff points req.), changing their tax level (in next patch) and more to come.

Affinity 10?! You may as let me sit that throne, princess.

This covers the basis of the influence system, we’ll go in the details of it another time, most of all to explain Princess Affinity, that is related but not directly infuenced from Reign Affinity (the one we just talked about).
Next post will be about the relationship with the princesses, you Mistah Lova Lova.


  1. As of now the Dragon Princess game over event isn't final, considering it just counts the times DP occupies a castle, without considering the wealth accumulated by that reign; now that you mentioned it I'll work on this part today.

    But, even in the final version, the game isn't meant to last as much as the player desires, instead it's meant to have a sort of time-limit being it the Dragon Princess gaining enough wealth to take the kingdom back.
    That's because I want to make it so who plays wants to play it more than once, considering that time will be vital and choosing to help one or another princess will bring different results.

    Still, I will surely implement a way to lower DP accumulated wealth to gain more time (like fighting dragonlings you may find around), and ofc I'll adjust things following your feedbacks.

    Thank you for your question!

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