Princesses and Affinity

Ok, let’s start to get serious now.
We didn’t talk about it until today, but one of the main focus of the game is to get friendlier with the rulers of the Princess Kingdom: the princesses.

We talked already about the Faction Affinity and about how you need to be at least in good terms with a faction to meet his princess, or

Muhammad wants no infidel in his palace.

Once you helped them in battle a couple times / helped them upgrading weapons or defenses / used one of the affinity boosting items, you will be
granted the right to meet the ruler.

There you will have more that one
thing you can do. Today we’ll focus on the
relation with the rulers, that’s why we’ll talk
about the first option:

Greet the Princess

Greeting them means they’ll start talking with you about things concerning their reign, they will ask you questions and, some times even from the start, you can start influencing little things about how they manage their city.

Chit-chat with Human Princess.

Like you would expect low Faction Affinity can’t let you get far with the princess of that reign, in fact more dialogues are unlocked as you increase the affinity with that specific faction.
As you proceed, the dialogues with the princesses will become more personal, and taking the right choiches / agreeing to whatever they ask of you will get you a lot of Princess Affinity points.

These can be earned only via dialogues with the princesses and don’t give any kind of bonus or malus in war, BUT!
If you have enough Princess Affinity points the princess heart will be your.

You can’t convince them to leave the throne to run away with you (for now, I think I’ll implement something like it later on), however there is a situtation where you can ask the princess to leave everything for you:
when she’s sieged and her life is in danger!

Golems trying to squash the Insect Hive.

If during a siege you rush to the defending princess you have more than one option:

Ask her to join your ranks
-Kill her
-Have her abdicate in favor of the sieging faction

This time we’ll talk about the first option.
As I’m sure you expect there’s a condition to satisfy before a princess accepts to join your ranks: you need to have enough Princess Affinity points (the requirement varies), of course!
If you do have enough, the princess will follow you from that point on and her faction will lose the war.

Now that you have a new member in your team you can decide to use her in battle or to deposit her in the Princess Mansion (where is the mansion in game?fu fu fu…), where she will grant the player passive bonuses, live her life based on a hour/day of the week system, relate with other ”boxed” princesses and where you will be able to deepen your relation with her (work in progress).

A ”boxed” Slime Princess.

I hope you liked what we talked about today, because next time we’ll deepen what we know about some of the NPCs you will find in the game, while Ghost Princess is prepping!

Until next time!

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