NPCs part I

Welcome back, everyone!
As I anticipated, today we will relax a little and talk about some of the NPCs you’ll find in Towergirls Kingdom Conquest.
Let’s start from the main one:

Dragon Princess I

Dragon Princess I appearing.

Dragon Princess I is the powerhouse that kept all the other princess at bay, until the little accident with Anon, the ”hero”.
After that she leaves her castle and hides, appearing every once in a while to steal a reign Wealth.
While she does that she sits the town she robbed and defend it from the next possible siege, kicking HARD the attackers asses.

Incoming scorched bones in 3…2…

The problem is that when she accumulates enough Wealth she’ll come back at full power and it will be game over for the player.
The limit is pretty high and will be adjusted with time, but the game will be a sort of race against the clock to stop Dragon Princess from returning (or help her return without killing everyone in the process, since I want to make a route for her too).

She will either be the final boss or your main love interest, if you’re enough of a man to satisfy a dragon!

Next is:

Dragon Princess II

So cold…

Dragon Princess II it’s not just a palette swap, as I’m sure you’re aware of.

The cold princess will appear when certain conditions are satisfied regarding the hero STR/END/INT/DEX parent stat distribution.
After toying a little with you she’ll return to her castle in the frozen continent and you will be able to visit her; to do so you’ll require the ability to fly for short periods (how you ask? fu fu fu…).
If you manage to reach her watch your words, if she likes you enough you may be able to…
How to train your Ice Dragon.
Get her in your team! With everything that follows: 
Ice Dragon skills;
Great passive bonuses if you sits her in the Mansion (W.I.P.);
Verbal abuses!
Last for today (but there are OH many more) is:
Merchant Princess
The grumpy Merchant Princess in Desert town.
Merchant Princess! She’s a traveling merchant that will appear in a random city every once in a while to sell rare items; if you see her make haste, because after a while she will leave to who knows where!
The items she will sell you are different depending on the city she’s in AND there are quests that unlock even rarer items for her stocks!
Take a note: she won’t visit conquered cities, despite her looks she’s pretty peaceful and dislikes war (it’s bad for her profits, thats all).
To end today’s post on a good note: the Ghost faction is getting readier by the day, and this is how the world map will look in next patch:
As you see, after Ghost is Snu-Snu time.
I’m liking how things are looking for this project, and I hope you’re looking forward for more content!
Tomorrow we’ll talk about how the dinamics between northern reigns and southern ones will work 
(I could only split the continent in two but NOOOO, let’s make things more interesting and add like 10 hours of work to it!).
See you next time!

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