Endings and Winning Conditions

Welcome everyone, finally the party’s over and here we are again!

As for today topic, I think we can spend a couple minutes to talk about how the game can end, so we will talk about the Winning Conditions.

Let’s start saying that all the different factions and main NPCs (like Dragon I/II and all the others that I will introduce) have winning conditions, requirements that will grant them victory if satisfied.

Dragon Princess I winning the game.

Some of them are:

  • Dragon Princess I wins if she gains back enough Wealth Points by occupying the different capitals;
  • Insect Princess if she conquers all the cities surrounding the main hive;
  • Skeleton Princess wins if she conquer the cities of al the ”fleshy” princesses (so she doesn’t need Golem, or Slime).

I’ll also introduce more complex endings, for ex.:

  • Harem ending (you’ll have to have at least 10/12 princesses to join you);
  • Peaceful ending (if you manage to mantain the peace until they can all fight back the dragon).
There are a lot of possibilities.
But what I’m designing right now goes a little further: I’m thinking of a way to get points/bonuses/additional content after obtaining an ending.
When a a faction reachs her winning conditions you will be able to see her ending and after it everything will be reset, the Princess Kingdom will go back to the initial situation, but you will be able to use the points you obtained to buy bonuses or whatever in the next match.
Also, getting a specific ending will unlock new sections/bonuses in the main game, that you will be able to see from the next game onward!
There will be one true ending, that will let the game, truly, end. 
To reach it, getting ALL the others won’t be necessary, but you won’t be able to do so from the first time you play.
Next time we’ll take a look at the second group of NPCs, stay tuned!
As for updates, the ghosts war/political part is 70% ready, things are going smoothly.

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