NPCs Part II

And here we are again!
Before we start I beg your pardon in advance, but if I want to deliver a new version as soon as possible, and I want to, I probably won’t be able to post here everyday.
Bawls apart, while Ghost Princess is getting each day readier and readier to be released, let’s take some time to look at the second draft of NPCs.
Enough talking, let’s start. First one we’ll see today is:
Frog Princess
The princess of the pond.
She hides in her peaceful pond, planning the pranks she could do to the passer-by, when Anon the Hero steps in her territory.
The concoction she’ll provide you can either gravely damage or boost an army power, use it at your own discretion!
The second one for today is:
Assassin Princess
An assassin leaving her job to someone else? Sounds fishy.
One of the first NPCs to get in, she deeply dislikes the Human Princess, and will try to have the Player dispose of her!
Succeeding in this mission means having the chance to have her join forces with you, but ignore her request and she will try to do the hit herself!
The last one for today is:

Sphinx Princess
Sphinx Princess interrupting the desert’s ritual dance, the cockblocker.

Once you conclude the Desert Princess questline she’ll get her role back as the ruler of the Desert Ruins, unlocking a difficult dungeon in the pyramid’s depths.
Conquering it will be a challenge even for the bravest one, but the prize will be worth the effort!

While preparing for the release I’m taking note of the poll’s result, and I’ll surely act accordingly.
You’re a promising artist looking for work? Contact me, cause I desperately need someone for sprites and CGs.

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