0.7 release!

I know you guys were waiting for this! Just some of the updates, but this thing is BIG:

  • Ghost Princess is in, we are now a 7 princesses.Hurray!
  • The Southern Continent is open!
  • The Seal/Battle tower is now fully operational!
  • Climatic and day/night system are now implemented (with bonuses/maluses for factions too)!
  • New awesome title screen, made by me (and it shows)!
  • New font!
  • The first 2 animated sex scenes are in, you can find those doing events for the Human and Desert Princess!
  • The game runs smoothly now, I get 60 fps constantly in the world map (but I’ve got a good processor so let me know what happens with laptops)!
  • The Dragon Princess Den is open, if you can find it! (but Dragon Princess is still just there with empty eyes)

This isn’t enough for you?
Here’s the link to my patreon https://www.patreon.com/towerKC?ty=h, tip me if you like, but even if you don’t I’ll keep working on this thing 6 hours a day. Try and stop me.


Oh and report bugs. There WILL be bugs.


  1. Overall I had a lot of fun. Especially the interactions with the princesses I found to be very compelling. Also, the game runs nearly continuously at 60fps for me. Some bugs I noticed:

    Some events seem to be able to happen at the same time, for example a kingdom declaring war and the Dragon Princess appearing. The messages of the events take turns until one is finished.

    You can bypass Seal Tower: on the left of it walk down, then enter the door tile. You entered from below now and just have to walk down to leave it again … if you don't mind getting stuck on the southern continent.

    When trying to enter several places the screen fades to black and stays that way. The same thing happens after the flashback in the crypt. Upon reentering the crypt the dialog with the princess plays again.

    A lot of tiles are passable when in fact they should not be. The tombstones hover above the player. Ghosts in the mansion walk over walls.

    In my playthrough Dragon Princess II event restarted infinetly after playing.

    Merchant Princess doesn't show up for me.

    Error message when level upping (when trying to go to the stat distribution menu?):
    Script '$D13x-CORE' line 1440: TypeError occurred.
    can't convert NilClass into Color
    The game worked again for me after I deactivated the line.

    The princesses' sprites for controlling the farm only change opacity after a delay; the spike graphics in the pyramid reset themselves and animate too slowly.
    Fairy Princess's small text is hardly readable.
    Insect Kingdom lamp animation is messed up.

    Some files in the folder are not needed, like the RPGVXAce.exe or the weblink (unless it's your own advertisement).

    After playing I still have no clue how to 1) fly to Dragon Princess II's castle, 2) Awake the Insect Kingdom 3) trigger the Ghost princess … at least without cheating.

  2. Thank you for the work you've done for me, that's a lot of shit to fix!
    The only thing I've got to figure out the Why is the distribution system error, but all the others will be fixed likely tomorrow (except merchant princess, maybe you just got unlucky, tell me if it stays like that).

    1) You need to end the Insect Princess questline in a certain way to be able to reach DP II.
    2)The Insect Kingdom awakes if you let the Golems hire Drider Princess THEN have the golem conquer Human Princess castle.
    3)There was a problem with an item that's needed to awake her. In tomorrow update that will be fixed.

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