New Game+

Hi everyone! After doing a couple more animations in the last days I jumped again in the programming of this baby.
From the beginning I wanted a game that was supposed to be played not only once, but I had yet to figure out how to do with VX Ace.

The idea finally came to me and today I worked on a sort of Reset-everything common event, that will be triggered whenever the player reaches an ending (meaning when a reign reaches his Winning Conditions, Dragon Princess returns to take back her throne and more).

With the insects it’s all about the Hive, man.

Still, not everything will be lost upon beginning a new match, every ending (and also your playstyle up to the end of that match) will give you Play Points, divided in 3 categories, namely:


You can easily imagine how to get more points of a kind or another.
During a single playthrough the Player won’t be able to spend the ones that he’s earning with his actions (by the way, there will be no way to check them before the ending is reached); that will be possible only in the following playthrough!

With our loot we prepare ourselves to a new match!

And seconds later…

Back to square 1!
I already designed several areas that will be accessible only with key items you’ll have to buy using Play Points, in a special shop I’ll show you another time.
In these areas you will be able to obtain different equipments, view new scenes, there will be new NPCs you will be able to hire and, mind you, you could also be able to get…
                                                                        A MIGHTY STEED!
This, could be you!


  1. can you make it a little easy to find merchant princess and make it easier to fight randon mobs to level? also all mobs are too op in this game.

  2. Merchant Princess is supposed to be around only for limited times, then to disappear, since something she sells it's bound to be pretty powerful in the game balance.
    The mobs are balanced as I want (I don't want the enmey soldiers to be pushovers that you can easily kill at level 3), but we DEFINITELY need a low level dungeon for the first phase of the main game, you're right.
    Thank you!

  3. This is an interesting idea I got to play this.

    One idea it would be interesting if in the New Game + new things also show up and even options sprout up as well that aren't available in the first play through. Like doing something to a princess that you wished you could have done the first time around but couldn't because it's the first encounter even though she's a complete jerk but the second time around you get an option of doing something about it.

  4. One suggestion it's really hard to start so far every fight after the dragon I keep loosing every time even to bandits. It's like the enemy levels requirements to beat jumps drastically. I've enganged enemy armies as well as bandits and even the scorpions in the pyramid. So far it looks like in order to win I would need alot of ridiculous grinding where I may not have the time to.

  5. The desert dungeon is pretty high level yeah.
    DL the last version, I added the possibility to go back into the Kobold Mines to farm bats (And snakes)!
    Thank you!

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