v0.7.1FIX + Kobold Preview

Hey guys, considering the reports about some major bugs I recieved I’ll leave you with a little update, that should slightly increase the performances, solves the Dragon-Princess-roaring-then-nothing bug and opens the Kobold’s Mines back after the intro, for a low cost, low level dungeon right at the start of the game.
I’ll definitely do more of them, but for now this will suffice!

MEGA DL v0.7.1 FIX

Last thing for today, we will take a look to one of the most popular princesses in the Kingdom; in this game she will lose her throne during the intro and will accompany the Hero in his adventures from the beginning.
You already guessed we’re talking about our cute sidekick:

Kobold Princess

The above animation is only a fraction of the complete one, in the next update she will have at least 3 full adult scenes! 
She will be to the Hero what Sill is to Rance, what Cheeta is to Tarzan…
From today on these little ”Princess Previews” will be posted in my Patreon page, but the blog will be used for littler previews and for the gameplay related posts and the public releases!
Enjoy the fixed version and let me know if you find more game-breaking bugs!

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