New BS! (with demo)

Hey everyone!
I spent last days thinking about how this game can be more entertaining to play and here it is, an all new BS based on Khas script.

State-of-the-art title screen.

With little adjustments I know that with this we can have:

  • Warriors, Mages, Battlemages, Archers as enemy types;
  • Traps/various machineries in the battlefield;
  • Big bosses with different parts to destroy!;
  • Tag teamplay between the hero and the princesses;
  • Kewl skills (as the ”ability” of the demo’s boss);
  • A nicer money/items drop system!
I feel that this tool, if used correctly, will give us loads of satisfactions.
Here, have a link: ABS Demo
If you have problems with the demo let me know. Beware: you could die.


  1. That was fun. Any way to change the button assignment in game? Also it's possible to hack and slash the chest which will break the transition (It's a demo so it really doesn't matter yet a bug is still a bug)

  2. You're right, I forgot to pump up the chest's DEF!
    But destroyable items will be fun to place around the map as obstacles, pots…

  3. The exe will extract the game in a folder you chose, then just start game.exe to plaay the demo.
    You need RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to run these games btw (google it)

  4. Bug report with the current version. The cave dripping noise doesn't stop when you get to the world map.

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