ABS: Human Reign, Draft System and more

Hello again, gents! 

In these days I worked on a draft system for the battles against troops. It works based on the upgrade level reached by a reign army ( the sword icon in the status screen). 

Every time you fight against the ”human soldier” on the world map your enemies may be different, there’s a lot of variability and believe me, this shit is hella fun!  Prepare for bullet-hell sections if you’re unlucky enough to get 10 enemies gangin’ up on you at once! 

Pic below is the draft for the Humans Reign with 0 army power (at the beginning of the game), then with 1 and 2 respectively.

You want to improve the Human’s army to get in the good eye of the princess?

Prepare for the consequences if you think of going against her after it!

Improving a reign’s army power means they get more numerous, stronger units, but you could also get stronger items out of them!

Tomorrow I’m out for work all day (bleh…work…) but I’ll start designing the drop system as soon as possible.

In other news: the Patreon poll results are out, next version will be all about the new BS and the status screen, while I keep working on the adult scenes that will be implemented later, this to contain ( orat least to try to…) the spreading of nasty bugs.

Thank you for all the support!

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