Action Battle System Plus!

Finally it’s ready! I had a great deal of fun preparing this battle system for the main game. Fun and headaches.

Another masterful Title Screen that will remain burned in your memory!

In the demo you will find:

  • 3 different battle arenas

These are the 2 new zones, the desert and the ghost mansion.

What keeps us from having tens of battle arena, with traps, switches, doors, moving platforms and whatever comes to mind? Absolutely nothing.

  • 30+ different enemies
Necromancers? Check. 
Dickass thieves? Check. 
Catapults? Check
Kamikaze Golems? Also Check.
  • 3 completely different bosses
The spider lady has in her arsenal (undead) flame rats and chasing flames!
I really like doing bosses, and I’m sure you’ll like the 3 you can encounter in this demo!
  • High Scores
Try and beat my 7500~ points record, pansies!
The demo is out now for the patrons, and will be online by the 8th of February for everyone else.
Thanks a lot for all your support and your feedbacks!

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