20k visits! Battle System Demo PLUS public release!

Everything considered, we came a long way.
20k visits for my project in about a month sounds incredible to me, I honestly didn’t expect all this attention, but I’ll try to live up to your expectations.

To celebrate I’m releasing the ABS Demo PLUS earlier for everyone to play!
I RECCOMEND playing this more than once, there’s no way you can view everything in just a single run!

I also suggest the patrons to DL this new version, since I fixed some units and events that didn’t work as intended.

I tought it could be nice to include this spreadsheet, so you can check if, except the bosses, you saw everything that’s in the demo!
With this system in the main game, depending on the Army Level of the reign you’re facing, you may have to fight different units, both in number and in type.

I avoided adding the content I made in the last 2 weeks in this demo, but the version of the main game that will be patrons-released on the 15th will have:

  • This new Battle System (with more units);
  • The Drop System and the new Exp System;
  • 1 Boss per faction;
  • The Status Screen;
  • The Campfire;
  • New [SPOILER]!



Also: shortly I’ll announce the 2 new princesses the patrons decided that will be in the game! HYPE!


  1. can you please add an option setting so everyone can see the controls for this game otherwise its too confusing to play.

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