Chronicles of Chocolate and Fire

Welcome again!
To continue our pre-release previews, today we will talk about the new EXP system!

As I’ve already told you I tought it could add some variability to the playstyle if I gave the Player the option to not level up at all.
For example, finishing the game under a certain level could unlock new scenarios in the NG+, or permit to access a bonus ending.

Enough speculations, let’s show you all something!

Killing monster or enemy soldiers will now grant a special currency:


Yeah, I’m totally serious.

This is how a world ruled by girls would work.
These sweet treats are the most desired in all the Towergirls Kingdom: you can use them as currency to buy items or equipments, but that’s not all!

If you’ve played any of the game of the Souls series I’m sure you’re already familiar with what I’m about to say.

You can burn Choco-Dicks in one of the campfires you may find around the kingdom (or in your encampment). the exhalations coming from the burning chocolate will let you experience new sensations, and sometimes you will have hallucinations (custom scenes or dialogues chosen by you!).

You will get an equal amount of EXP points depending on how many treats you toss in the fire.

This way you can make the game more or less challenging, depending on how much you invest into leveling, but consider that without Choco-Dicks you won’t be able to shop for anything!

As everything I talk about in the blog, this function is already in the game, and you will be able to try it in v0.7.3!

Tomorrow will be the time to talk about the all new Drop System! Until then, have a good time!

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