Drop System revised

What I’ll talk about today felt like a natural consequence of moving to an action based Battle System:
I didn’t want items to come only from chests and events, but I also wanted them dropped from the enemies you fight.

It was a little complicated at first, but this is what I managed to code in the game:

a Drop Tier system,
basically, any monster/enemy you slay has a Drop Tier going from 0 to 10; higher Drop Tier means he will be likely to drop good items (most of the enemy have his DL as a range, ex going from DT 0 to 2).
While a simple foot soldier may drop just a Short or a Long Sword you can get better weapons or armors from stronger enemies, like a Mimic or a Skeleton Warlock!

a graphical loot popup,
that it makes so that, when you kill an anemy that drops something for you, a little sack will appear around his body. The content of the sack is decided upon killing the enemy and will be revelaed to the Player as he touches it.

What could it be inside?

an icon popup system,
because text messages declaring the content of the lil’ sack are not the best thing if you still have enemies trying to kill you AND it’s cuter this way!

Yay! A cestus!

As always, I first made the bone structure of it, it’s working and I’ve already kinda balanced all the weapons and armors, but I’ll surely customize names and descriptions later to better fit the Towergirls ”lore”.

There shouldn’t be any delay on the deadline I set for v0.7.3. Can’t wait to have it all set and start focusing on the VN part too!
Bye, gents.

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