Angel Princess portraits

These are all the portraits for the new entry, Angel Princess, and it shows how all the other ones will be reworked.
As you see it’s really improved from the version of a couple days ago. Thank you Gats!

This is a christian blog, afterall..

Isn’t she super cute?
I’ll start now making polls for the patrons to decide which one is going to be redone first.
The sketches polls, where people are going to vote for the sketch that’s going to become a full fledged piece of art will start later this month!


  1. Quick suggestion in case you're not already doing it, layer the character sprite. Makes things easier, means less editing for you and smaller file sizes. (Eg, base character sprite is naked and faceless, each piece of clothing is it's own sprite, face is also a sprite so you can just swap expressions any time).
    I know doing this with RPG Maker must be a hassle, but I think it'll be worth it in the end.

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