Adult Preview

These have been good days, both from the game perspective and from the IRL one, so I made this picure just to show how I plan the adult scenes to look in future:

As you can see both the portraits and the animated scene in the background will be shown at once, with different expressions depending on the girl’s… mood.

Every scene will have an artwork in the final version, some made from Boogie, some from Gats, but I’m also going to recruit more artists that I think are a perfect fit for some of the girls. 

So much for a free game.
I’m sure you can guess she isn’t enjoying the Snu-Snu with the orc bandits.
This is just a preview of Human Princess, she’s not the next one on the list of the remakes (will probably be Slime if the poll keeps going like this).
As for v0.7.3: tomorrow I’ll start the bugtest-fest, a joyous week of sleepless nights trying to fuck up the release as little as possible! Hurray!

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