v0.7.3 Release for Patrons!

It’s finally time to release this thing!

I tested this new version more thoroughly compared to the other times but the amount of new/reworked content is so high that I expect something to pop up from unexpected places.

Let’s start with the patch notes:

  • New ABS is entirely implemented; Sieges, field battles, events, bandits everything will use the new Action-y style for the fights!
  • New drop system; enemies now drop items as they get defeated, grab that little brown sack to reveal what’s inside! (weapon and armour for now, if you don’t see anything popup it’s the placeholder for items drop, that I’ve yet to implement)
  • New Exp/Currency hybrid is ready!
  • 7 New bosses you have to fight to save the princesses!
  • New Status Screen, showing everything about the current situation of the reigns you met!
  • The Campfire is in, with some basic functions!
  • 70+ different enemy units!
  • Different attack speed for each kind of weapon! Soon we will have secondary effects on equipment!
  • All the 7(+1) main princesses are playable, with a basic skill each, until support/buff/healing ones are ready!
  • New HUD in battle, showing both active and benched party members!
  • New Game + is now working!
  • Population decrease has been toned down until it gets properly balanced!
  • 50+ minor bugs fixed!
Public release is expected in 1 month.
What’s next?
Next version I’ll start working on will be v0.8! Meaning that, besides polishing and fixing bugs, another princess will be added (the eight one, in fact)!
Later today I’ll open a poll for the Patrons to decide who‘s going to be the next one from the roster we have delineated up to now.
But that’s not everything, because we will also start:
  • Making the OST for the game (we already got the first bunch of tracks)!
  • Implementing the new portraits! 
  • Finally adding scenes with Gats and Boogie’s CGs!
  • More (MORE) events!
Imma go puke now.

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