8th Princess in the works!

The poll’s closed!
The winner, that will get the spotlight of the next version of the game is:

Goblin Princess!

I’m sure her popularity raised a lot after Boogie’s artworks, so stay sure that there will be more coming!
This is the set of portraits we will be using for her in the game:

Another green qt joins the cast!

Her reign will be located in the southern part of the continent, finally getting more populated, and her faction will be leading a slave market where you could find and BUY the princesses of the reigns these green fellas conquer!
But this will be a topic for another time.

Today I’m also introducing a new mechanic that will prove herself vital, since the first feedbacks are of the difficulty of the game being quite unforgiving:

The Shield!

Ofc an equipped shield is needed for it to work.
When you will press Left CTRL the character will raise his shield, blocking all the frontal, physical attacks.
There are limits to it, as you would expect:

  • it will resist only 3 hits in a row, normally;
  • it needs to stay not raised for 2 seconds to recover 1 of these hits;
  • the character will move slowly while it’s raised.
Everything works like a charm, thanks to the guys rpgmakerweb that gave me a hand for a part of the script! 
I’ll post some screens of it later on Patreon.
Hope you’re all pumped up for the next steps of the development, being the 8th Princess, polishing the BS and deepening the VNs part of the game, because I am!

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