Dragon Princess portraits, made by TheBoogie! + Goblin City

Hey everyone!

As well as working on the OST and redoing as many dialogues as possible for next update, another BIG step up will be the one regarding the portraits for the princesses and adding the first event’s artworks. 
Believe me when I say couldn’t even dream of such quality for my project when I started working on it!
Today I present you the first of the series of portraits remade by that TheBoogie we all love.
I chose Dragon Princess I as the first one that will get this special treatment, both for her role in the game and how well I imagined she would fit with Boogie’s style.
I’ll let you judge the result for yourself, but seeing how it came out I immediately decided to have him do a bunch of them!

Shortly after this I’m opening a poll on Patreon to decide who’s going to be the next ”victim”. Whoever is eligible should absolutely partecipate!

In the gameplay department:
Goblin City is coming up really nicely.
Outside of the usual stuff you find in other cities this will also host a Slave Market where you can purchase new party members, being them defeated princesses or characters you’ll be able to unlock after certain events.
This actually opens up many more possible scenarios:

  • randomly generated fighters?
  • fanmade ones?
  • a breeding system?
Working a little on the scripts I’m currently using all these possibilites are…well…possible! There’s enough material to do another game out of it.
I thank you again deeply for all the support this project is getting from around the web, nothing could have been possible without your help!
Until next time!

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