Monthly Previews – MARCH

Hey everyone!
Since things are getting really busy over here I tought it could be useful to save ourself a little window at the beginning of every month to talk about the future plans for this project.

To resume it shortly what we’re working on right now is:

  • Upping the resolution (at 99% will be set at 1280×720);
  • Working on the new portraits to have them ready for the next update (I’ll likely invest something more than expected to have them done once and for all at the best possible quality);

  • New musics! Want a preview? Here’s previews for the Dragon Princess pre-fight and fight!
  • Rewriting the dialogues (KAW, that I’ll present soon enough, is writing new scenes and rewriting old ones, since I can’t write for shit);
  • Preparing new, full fledged, artworks. Look at this preview, Boogie’s shit is good! 
Kobold Princess having some fun at the campfire, while waiting for colours!
  • The 8th faction, the Goblin’s onewill be ready for the next update. In their city will be located the Slave Market, where you, and your bag of Choco-Dicks, will be able to buy the defeated princesses.
  • That’s not all, the Slave Market will be deepened. I’ve started working on the concept for a Breeding System! What we need is already here, I’ll just need time to work on it. Can’t wait to show more concretely my ideas for it!
  • New sprites and tilesets. Top priority to the sprites for Ghost and Goblin Princess ones and to the World Map tileset!
  • Alternate Skins! The first one chosen from the Patrons is getting ready, and we’re also offering a commission for a free one to one Patron each month.
This is what March will be focused on; there’s a LOT of work so I really appreciate any support you guys are giving me, being it financial, manpower or moral! Thank you, everyone!

Are you happy with how the game’s going? If not feel free to contact me and fling shit to my face, I take any criticism very seriously.

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