New Artist joining!

Hey everyone!
I’m REALLY glad to announce that yet another great guy is joining the team and will help us doing what I can’t (and I’m sure you already know I can’t do jack shit above MS Paint comics level)!

This time the artist is specialized with sprites, that’s why what he’ll help us with are:

  • Character sprites
  • Tilesets
  • Items design
Without further ado, I present you:
REVANGALE (Blog)                                                                   
Make sure you check his blog, the guy’s really good!

We already started working on a completely new tileset for the world map, it will be WAY more colorful, cartoon-y and cel-shaded looking (I confess I ripped off the sea-water colours from Wind Waker) than the one we’re using now!
We will also have completely new sprites for all the buildings in the world map, then we will start working on the Sprites (adult ones too, mmh mmh).
I’m going back doing more events and quests now, should be able to post again soon, I have things to show you all, THINGS!

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