Stealth mechanics and Quick Items!

I was designing new quests (I plan to make around 25 for v0.8) when I considered how cool would it be to be able to sneak past enemies, as an alternative approach to the battle system.

Now I’m proud to say, that after some days of work, I’ve got something to show, and it’s not only that, but also the Quick Items system!
We’ll talk about these one step at a time.

Let’s take a look at the quest I was making:
in this you have to reach Assassin Princess to get her ”reward”, but she agreed on that only if you could sneak past her guards.

These grunts won’t see it coming!

 These guards just walk around in set paths, but we could have other ones stopping to talk to eachother, or moving randomly, there are several possibilities.

Observe their movements to sneak past them, unnoticed… 
…maybe. If they find you they’ll kick you out their camp!

Sometimes it seems impossible, but…

 As you see, the Knight can’t reach the central tent with the guards standing by the entrance, but if you have a special item in your inventory, like the Smoke Screen:

Just press ALT to equip the item from the menu!

It will be now shown in the top-right corner of the HUD!

The top-right corner will now be used for Quick Items you equip beforehand, like potions and other 

items you could use in battle!
This adds a whole new level of fun-factor, I can’t wait to work on more items with cool effects.
The HUD can be improved a lot, and luckily now I have the guy who could work on it!
Back to the sneaking, after you  use the Smoke Screen your sprite will be slightly faded…

Use it to slip past the guards, they can’t see you for a short period of time after using the Smoke Screen!

Time to get your well deserved fu-… prize!

I’m planning other abilities with the same effect, like Slime Princess turning into a Slime puddle to walk behind the enemy lines, to say the first one coming to mind!

I hope you liked this preview, I’ll make sure to have more to show you all soon~!
Until next time!

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