The Puddle

Hi again everyone!
Last time I showed you the basics of the stealth system, so it’s about time I talk you about who mastered stealth for real.

You’re thinking of Assassin Princess, or maybe Snake Princess, but they cannot stand a chance against the crafty Slime Princess!

After Knight Shield and Kobold Dodge…
Slime’s Puddle!

Holding Ctrl down will transform Slime Princess in a cute green puddle; the 3-drops icon near the health bar will fade out as the Puddle drains, when it’s depleted (you have about 10 secs) Slime Princess will be back in her original form.

Can’t see me, Ahmed!

While in puddle mode the Princess won’t be detected from the enemies, but remember that if they saw you already puddle mode won’t help!
Make sure you succeed to hire Slime Princess if you have trouble with the stealth sections of the game!

Now more quests!

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