Roster update: 2 new Princesses!

Glad to announce that the roster of this game got expanded once more!
This time the new entries are:

  • Cat Princess
Moody as she’s “catty” to the other beast races, the leader of the mighty catgirls is the next Princess I’m placing in Boogie’s perverted hands.
While her Reign won’t pose a threat to whoever approaches it with good intentions, take care to not enrage the leader in any way, or you won’t leave with just scratches!

  • Triclops Princess
The rowdy Princess of the beasts, living in a lushy jungle with her army of mighty beasts! Just reaching her will be a trial for our Knight!
Mistress Nyx is the one in charge of her artworks!
The Princess of the Beasts, now with the Moe Tooth!
I’m sure beast-lovers will enjoy these new portraits, and I surely can’t wait for these 2 to get in the game, for some wild interactions!
The portraits for Cat will be previewd in our Patreon page today, Triclops ones in the next couple of days! Until next time!

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