Quests Preview

Hey everyone!
Time to show some of the bunch of quests that you will find in v0.8!
I’m trying to do at least 2 quests for each Princess + more you can play without needing any specific member in your team.

I already shown you the Bandit’s Camp quest for Assassin Princess in the Stealth Preview, so let’s skip that.

Desert Oasi quest (SlimeP):

Staying too long in the desert when Slime Princess is in your team could really endanger her sliminess!
However, doing so will unlock a new zone that will get visited by an important NPC later on.

Molemen Cave quest (InsectP):

After the Insect Reign falls (HA! Good luck with that!) a new cave will appear around that zone, that’s why Insect Princess will ask you to explore it, to discover what is feeding on her fallen Hive.

You find the cave infested with moles but that’s not everything, you can also find a special weapon,

the Mole’s Claw,

you can use to destroy rocks laying around in the game world, and a Boss!

Starchy’s Madness quest (HumanP):

This quest will star Human Princess faithful bodyguard, Starchy, gone mad after the Human Reign defeat.

During the flashback that will play we’ll see how he managed to secure one of the Human’s precious heirlooms, but doing so he lost the chance to secure his Princess.

As we approach the location of the lost treasure Starchy will go berserk and attack us once again. Will you have mercy of this insane old man?

The Butler’s Wardrobe, Pt.1 (KoboldP):

The generous butler of the Towergirls Mansion will distribute cute dresses for free to the Princesses satisfying certain requirements; the Player will also be able to equip one outfit or another as he sees fit.

The Mansion will now be located in the map properly, there you will be able to manage your party of princesses and (WIP) decorate their own rooms!

This is it for today!

Next issue:
Frozen Skull cave
The Book-Wyrm
Rush Hour 2 


  1. Will there ever be current versions of the game that one may download, or are you planning for a bigger release when more content is added? Enjoying the demo so far, interesting game you're making. C=

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