v0.8 Preview!

Hey everyone!
Busy days ahead, I’ll take this little window just to post the preview for the new version we’re about to release, just like we always do.

The new features will be several, from the new resolution, portraits, quests and MORE.

Let’s start with the main point of this thing:

(As you can see the world map have been reworked, there’s a new tileset and every castle has a new cute sprite made just for it!)

Goblin’s Reign

The newly added reign of the goblins will sit in the rather, as of now, peaceful southern region.
The other reigns won’t start wars with the goblins without a valid reason, since these lil’ fellas hold the reins of the slave’s market in the Towergirls Kingdom.
They’re shorties but they can be quite nasty if money (or Choco-Dicks) is involved!

The reign will be located in the Southern Region.

 To remain faithful to the slavery theme, the Goblin’s castle have been designed around the infamous Ghana’s Slave Castle.

The green beaut’ will not hide her intentions with you…

This little fella will give you hell and will try to trick you more than once, stay alert!
However, her purposes are quite innocent. Problem is her means arent. Really.


More than 15 new quests have been added, starring the various members of the cast, and I’m not talking about generic ‘kill that fauna’ quests, but every single one will help you get intimate with a princess or reveal details of the world or other characters!

Most of them, of course, require you having certain princesses in your team or to satisfy certain conditions beforehand but, hey, the point of the game is going to the NG+ or starting new games to view all there is in this world!

I previewd some quests already and I won’t spoil more of them (1,2,3 and 4).

New Battle Skills

Golem Princess new ability boosts her power quite a lot, but just once per in-game day!

I’ve already shown previews of some of them (Shield, Evade and Puddle), the others are:
– GolemP Avatar (done)
– GhostP Fear (done)
– InsectP Burrow (ready on release)
– GoblinP PowderKeg (ready on release)

They work like a charm and make the game WAAAY more enjoyable, you’ll see.

Stats Reworked

While before v0.8 only Attack/Magic Attack decided the damage output and Defense/Magic Defense the player’s resilience, we’ve got now plenty of uses for the other 2 stats:

Agility (increase attack damage slightly, increase attack speed, increase crit chance, increase dodge chance)
Luck (gives a random chance to land a crit or to dodge an incoming blow, more than Agility does)

Also, Knight and Princesses won’t have a set-in-stone stats spread, but (as IVs in Pokemon games) their ”potential” will change in every game you make!

First set of campfire scenes

Starring the cute Kobold Princess, 2 adult scenes just for her, with the beautiful artworks made by TheBoogie!

KAW wrote the scripts for these new quests, not me (luckily)

Unlocking the different steps of her new questline won’t be hard, but you’ll have to spend some points in Lust and Love to see new scenes (most of the time…)

Stealth Missions

To add even more variety, there will be times you’ll be called to sheat your sword and to sneak past enemy lines.
You can just evade their field of vision, or rely on useful skills like Slime’s Puddle or Insect’s Burrow!

You don’t want to get caught by the Lich Knights, don’t you?!

I won’t even start describing all the new locations, features, items, weapons with unique abilities, balancements, bugs purged, dialogues reworked, collaborations with awesome artists…

There will be time for it after this thing is ready; as some of you already know I had serious problems with my desktop last week and things got pushed back a little, but nothing major.

Scheduled Patrons release: 20/05
Scheduled Public release: 20/06 

After this BIG release several smaller ones will follow, we will surely have to cut some corners and to polish this game before we start working on the 9th faction!

Back to work now! Thank you for having fun with us, we hope to give you even more in future!


  1. Not completely sure if this is covered but a few requests. First can we get something to help deal with poisons and to get money faster so we can buy stuff for it because I often find myself having to retreat from dungeons because I got poisoned and their is nothing I have that can deal with it.

    Next is in the New game +'s can we get some carry over bonuses because we beat it like you remember what happened and so does the knight you play as so you can get more interactive options in certain places and quests you already went over to shorten things or even keep princesses you brought along in your party.

    Next Can you also include a quest area in the menu so we can look at what quests we were giving and possibly a hint as wo where we need to go to accomplish this quest.

  2. Public release a month after patreon release? But I need dem shortstacks

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