Patches n’ Cuties

Patch number 2 is already out for the v0.8 and I’m pretty optimistic about how it’s turning out, I’m really glad of all the positive feedbacks you guys are sending us!

That’s why I want to thank everyone for the work done until now!

In alphabetical order:

Thank you Boogie and Nyxfor the new artworks!
Thank you Karmafor the fluffy and sexy dialogues!
Thank you Revangale, for the new sprites and tileset!
Thank you TAGM, for the catchy tunes!
And thanks to everyone of you supporting us!

Now… isn’t it time I make presentations of yet another artist that’s going to help us from now on?
Yea, it is.

I’m really glad to have found him:

Not only his works are really good looking, but the guy’s always going that extra mile that makes the difference!

She’s the one currently behind Sphinx, Insect and Drider Princess redesigns, you’ll find some of the previews in his Tumblr!

Sphinx Princess’ design was the subject of the latest Patreon’s poll, and the winning design is this one:

We’ll see more of her soon!


Who wants him to be in charge of Frog Princess too?
I know I am.

Frog Princess is cute….CUTE!!

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