New Princesses announcement!

‘Sup guys!
Things are starting to move faster and faster so, without further ado, I’ll announce the 2 new Princesses entering the fight!
It’s time for Boy Princess and Mermaid Princess!

Because what kind of Adult Game doesn’t have a trap these days? We won’t be the first one!
Can’t wait to build an underwater reign too~

Our prolific Nekofy also sketched something new for us and between the others I wanted to show Jester Princess the most!

Go ahead and say she isn’t the cutest thing ever!

In conclusion, with Goblin Princess finally in, the poll for the 9th Princess opens in a few days, the partecipants are:

  1. Amazon
  2. Angel
  3. Boy
  4. Cat
  5. Dog
  6. Holstaur
  7. Mermaid
  8. Orc
  9. Rabbit
  10. Triclops

The winner is the next one going into the game, the loser goes home. 

Are you a bad enough dude for it?!

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