May 2016 Patreon rewards!

May is coming to a closure, it was a wild ride, and we have the bounty to show for it!

Not only the new version, but also 3 completely new sets of portraits, a lot of sketches, the finished Goblin adult scene and the incoming BIG revelation regarding a side-project to the game’s own development (codename: Mous3D)!

Thank you everyone for all the support and the positive feedbacks you left us for v0.8!

We didn’t stop there of course, I made a BIG rework of most of the scenes and corrected so many things for v0.8.1 that I’m sure you’ll be really happy about it.
I’m also glad to announce that, even if it was a lot of work, now the FPSs in the World Maps have increased considerably, I get constant 55-60 fps, even with shit going down.

I’ll post the preview of the content as usual, but this time I just couldn’t show everything in a single picture!
Soon news for more adult scenes: this time dragons and yuris!

Ant, Drider and Sphinx got their new set of portraits!

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