v0.8.1 Patreon Release!

PolishED and Proud

After 10 days of intense purging, version 0.8.1 is out for Patrons!
Here’s a massive changelog for you!

v0.8.1 Changelog:

-Reworked diplomacy between reigns: now a princess will be more likely to declare war to a reign standing between her and one of her objectives (reigns already at war/targets needed to win the game)
-Defending a Reign from a siege now resets the timer needed for it to get conquered
-Removed the chance of the PC moving during dialogues in throne rooms
-Fixed KoboldP’s dodge. Now she will completely avoid damage after a jump
-Reworked DriderP event in Golem’s Reign, now you can choose to kill her, have her beg for GolemP forgiveness or let her run away (doing so won’t get rid of the webs at the entrance of GolemP throne room, preventing the Knoght to get in).
-Now only one gift to the false GolemP (bug net/butterfly snack) is needed to trigger DriderP event
-Nerfed DriderP M-ATK (from to) and attack speed (from to)
-Optimized the World Maps, increased FPS (from to) (from to)
-Fixed the absent stepping animations of princesses in the Campfire at night
-Fixed Status Screen not working in the southern map
-Fixed GolemxSlime war icon not appearing in the Status Screen
-Decreased armor bonus from equipments (-30% across the board)
-MerchantP appearance rate increased
-Decreased Wealth increase rate so that DragonP I incursions effectively keep the overall Wealth in check
-DragonP I will now leave a castle if it doesn’t get attacked after 180 seconds
-Rewrote some of SlimeP questline dialogues
-The Chef boss won’t now damage all the team members when charging, just the active one
-Finally fixed that damned Chef, he won’t charge while dead anymorezz zdS.
-Reworked the Insect Princess’ appearance event and dialogues. Now it’s possible for it to cause war between insects and Goblin/Ghost too
-Fixed the princesses’ portrait size in the HUD 
-Now ententering the World map will cause the clock to jump 1 hour ahead
-Intro/tutorial completely rewrote. Now in english!
-Nerfed player’s criticals bonus damage (from to)
-Corrected typos and dialogues’ layout in Human Princess’ questline
-Fixed the character’s placement during the scene in the castle’s gardens
-Corrected typos and dialogues’ layout in HumanPxGoblins rape scene
-Fixed the outcome of the event triggered by drinking the Frog’s Pond Water yourself
-Corrected typos and dialogues’ layout of Dragon Princess I appearance
-Corrected typos and dialogues’ layout in GolemP questline
-Corrected typos and dialogues’ layout of Dragon Princess II appearance
-Fixed skill icons for Knight/Kobold/Golem/Ghost/Goblin/Slime to not disappear correctly outside combat
-Fixed the 1/10 chance of units not spawning during siege’s battles
-Corrected typos and dialogues’ layout in SlimeP questline
-Corrected typos and dialogues’ layout of Kobold Princess (the Intro zone)
-Corrected typos and dialogues’ layout in InsectP questline
-Now the Wasp in InsectP room actually attacks you 
-Corrected typos and dialogues’ layout in GolemP questline
-Corrected typos and dialogues’ layout in SkeletonP questline
-Corrected typos and dialogues’ layout in DriderP questline
-Corrected transfer errors during GolemP awakening step
-Corrected tilesets passability in the forest outside DriderP cave
-Added new battle map for the desert areas
-Added overlays to Campfire,standard and desert battle Maps 
-Fixed the warped DesertP portrait before the boss fight
-Now you’re able to acquire a Princess’ Soul from DriderP too
-Reworked sieges: Now the number of fights needed to lift a siege are calculated correctly and decreased, most of the times
-Corrected a bug that caused the Necromancer to resurrect “Alive” skeletons
-Skeleton Boss battle now ends automatically after defeating the Old King, the minions are not required
-Golem boss battle now ends correctly, without looping esplosions
-Golem rain event triggers correctly now
-the broken bridge will now be fixed after you manage to cross it, giving you the ability to cross it in every season
-SkeletonP skill (bone throw) now costs 0 MP and 5 HP
-Final part of Fairy Forest event stopped playing every time you reenter their forest
-Bottled Fairy girl can now be used to travel between the mainland and the icy continent

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