Mous3D project!

Hey everyone!
Today I’m really glad to be able to present you this side project I’m working on, project Mous3D, and show you all something for it!
If you like cute figures, or you’re a fan of the Towergirls’ series, well… this is for you.

What you see is a 3D model (of Mouse Princess, duh!) and it will be used to develop various sets of Towergirls figures!
The quality is top notch, and only the best materials will be used; we’ve also included a separate, detachable, stand to display these figures wherever you like!

The prototype for Mouse Princess should be ready in some weeks, then we’ll proceed with the main series of figures.
Each series will be made by 3 different figures of a character from the game, and they will be handed out to Patrons, with monthly raffles!

I hope you’re looking forward to this just like I am, I’ll make sure to show the various steps of the production process with great detail!

On a ”side” note: As you can see (in the right part of the blog’s page) the poll for the 9th Princess is happening right now!
Dog Princess is in the lead, but the match is still open!

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