Dog Princess: What’s to know

Hey everyone!
As most of you already know, Dog Princess will be the 9th main heroine to get into the game!
We’re all already familiar with how fitting a new reign in the game’s world usually works:

  • A new castle appears on the map
  • With a Princess to save
  • And armies going around in time of war
Well, considering Dog Princess background, we HAD to do it differently!
Let’s take a look at her card:
A princess who longed to be united with her prince. After latching onto a passing dragon, she departed to a tower and waited for them to arrive.”
After reading this I couldn’t help but decide to go in a new direction for her!
I won’t spoil too much, at least I can say that she will be able to influence heavily the game’s world (and our Knight’s harem), maybe more than the other Princesses we have until now, but:
  • She won’t have a reign of her own
  • She won’t have armies, her relationship will be 1-on-1 with Anon the Knight
  • If you happen to enter her route… well, good luck
Her battle ability is almost ready (just need new sprites before I can preview her), and she’ll also have a passive ability that can get the Knight out of troubles.
Is yandere love the purest form of love, after all?

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