Upcoming releases and more!

Hey everyone!

Just a couple more days until v0.8 releases to the public! (Preview here)
It will already include all the (3) patches released for v0.8, but be aware that v0.8.1 brings many additional corrections to the game (including a serious optimization of the world map and of the battle maps).

v0.8 will be out for everyone on 20/06!
v0.8.1 will be out for everyone on 1/07!

What are we working on now? Besides everything related to Doggy Princess, ofc.

  • I’m spending the weekend (and probably most of next week) on Sphinx Fortress!                    It will be the biggest dungeon in the game, full of traps and secret passages, and will be available to everyone freeding the pyramid from its invader (Dullahan/Crest Princess).
  • The questlines and illustrated scenes of Dragon Princess I and II are being written and drawn!
While we’re at it, I’ll spend some time talking about what happens if you decide to help one of the dragons, instead of a Princess, to get her claws on the Towergirls Kingdom: the Dragon’s Route.
If you happen to enter one of the dragon sisters’ route you will: 
  • Unlock new quests, where you will be asked to hoard treasures (for the red one) or knowledge (for the blue one)
  • Get intimate with the scale-y monstergirls 
  • Visit new places (like Dragon Queen‘s castle, that will also host an exclusive Princess TheBoogie‘s drawing)
  • Play the story from another point of view, the one of the Dragon’s royal family that, although linked, will play differently depending on the sister you’ll choose.

Enough chit-chat, I’ll get back to work now!


  1. While I understand you withholding big releases, holding back what seems like a necessary patch is rather annoying.

  2. Necessary patches are a thing, and I always include them in the version I release to the public (the first 3 patches are included in the public release of v0.8).
    v0.8.1 brings balances and fixes, true, but also adds new content, that's why I can't include it in tomorrow's release.

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