New adults scenes in the making

Sup everyone!
As I anticipated, things are moving at great speed from the start of June.
We’re already working on 2 new adult scenes for the next update, starring: 

Dog Princess

Dis gun be gud!

and Dragon Princess I.

Dis gun be bad, but maybe you’ll feel gud if she has already eaten.

Now we’re looking to add a third one in!
We have a lot of candidates but the ones I chose this time are 3:

  • Dragon Princess II
  • Drider Princess
  • Lamia Princess (+ her maids)

The poll to vote for who’s going to be the protagonist of the 3rd adult scene is already open, may the best waifu win, spilling as little blood as possible!


  1. Sup!
    Newest version right now for public users is v0.8.
    Everytime a new version releases (like v0.8.1 in 3 days) you have to DL the new one. I try to make most of them so that the saves are compatible with eachother but it doesn't always work, considering just how much the game mechanics change between the different releases.

  2. -For now-
    With CG: 2 from last update (Kobold+Goblin)
    Without CG: 3 (Insect+Human+Desert)

    -From next update-
    With CG: 5 (Kobold+Goblin+Dog+DragonI+DragonII or Lamia)

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