Dog Princess Preview n.1 + 8 new Dowries!

Sup guys!
Dog Princess is taking more and more shape into the game as we speak.

Her tree diagram (if you’re not familiar with Visual Novels is a way to display all the possible outcomes when romancing/interacting with a character) will have 2 main courses, very different from eachother.
After you manage to free her from the tower where she’s imprisoned you can decide to:

  • Abandon her
Better try to not wake her up. She wouldn’t like her knight to leave from the window in the middle of the night~
Remember to never abandon your real-life dog! 
In this case we can make an exception to the rule, as long as you, and your favourite Princess, are ready for the consequences…
Human Princess is in for a VERY tense rainy afternoon!
Surviving the situation you’ll find yourself knee-deep in will strengthen your bond with the Princess you save from the yandere fit, but it will also grant you an exclusive treasure! (see later)
  • Have her join your party
If instead you fall victim of her puppy-eyes (and dat round butt), I hope you’re ready for a wild ride!

Who needs anyone else, when you have Dog Princess?
While pursuing her target you’ll have to watch out for her tantrums, most of all if you have the unfortunate idea of romancing other princesses, of leaving her in the Towergirls Mansion (seriously, don’t!) or to refuse to spend the night with her in any possible occasion. If she’ll let you…
That TOTALLY couldn’t wait tomorrow morning, uhn?!
I’ll stop here, but there are many more events involving her. Also, how she behaves at night depends on the Yan and Dere points you gain during your adventures together, but we’ll talk again about that before the release.
Now it’s time for new items! I’ve made 8 new items (1 per faction leader) that you’ll be granted if:
  • You hire the Princess;
  • You save the Princess from one of DogP’s tantrums.
Let’s take a look:
All straight from the official chart and they work just like they do in the CYOA!
There are more straightforward ones, like Human‘s or Slime‘s, but I could make a separate preview for the ones harder to obtain, like Golem‘s, Ghost‘s, Insect‘s or Skeleton‘s (since these Princesses aren’t available from the beginning)!
I’ll talk about Goblin‘s new item when the breeding system will be implemented in the game, likely for the post-DogP update!
Only Golem’s and Skeleton’s are still WIP, all the others are ready to go, so I’ll surely talk in depth about these new items before v0.9 release.
I tried to make all these new items (that will bring along new features, like Charm and Swap Appearance) blend smoothly with the Battle System we already have, making it more fun and various without uselessly complicating it further.
In the next preview I’ll talk about the Dragon’s Routes and, most likely, dragon’s butts.
Until next time~


  1. I'm really liking what i'm seeing here. DogP looks like she'll be a real handful and the new items look cool, I'm hyped.

    Can't wait to see that breeding system It seems like it will be a lot of fun. Nice to see that there will be more info on DragonP's Routes, Its all for the dragon waifus. 😀

  2. FUCK it I'll be blunt: why is it such a ridiculous pain in the ass to pursue the human princess?
    Some assassin bitch comes out of fucking NOWHERE and demands I do something against human princess when I've poured in so much cash to power up human kingdom, and I can't just beat her up.
    Then there's that cockblocking faggot who jumps in after I've saved the human princess.
    And the merchant barely shows up for me to buy shit that the human princess likes to even start her route in the first fucking place.

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