v0.9 Preview: Adult Content

Well, it’s about time we start to wrap things up before v0.9 goes Premium.
Like you may be aware of, the star of this new game version is Dog Princess: she’ll be introduced in the game, get her own questline, you will be able to get her as a new party member and there will be new side-quests involving her!

More than one adult scene is planned for her, but only the first one will be available without entering that crazy ride of her route.
She won’t back down when trying to make you her knight… will you be able to resist~?
Are you a bad enough dude to resist dat ass?

But that’s only the first of the 3 new adult scenes that will be featured in v0.9!
A new dungeon will be opened, the Sphinx’s Fortress! If you manage to uncover its secrets you may find yourself face to face with a new group of characters: Lamia Princess and her Kind Shrouds!
The first 3P scene of the game, you’ll be even able to choose the “helper” between the 2 maids!
Succeed to free these girls from their imprisonment and they’ll form a strong bond with you, but don’t forget that they’ll also be able to leave the pyramid.
Is this really for the best?
Third, but seriously not less important story-wise, is Dragon Princess I scene! This one will play during her questline, if you manage to feed her enough Choco-Dicks~.
The most dangerous game: Dragon mating 
After the scene, expect your part in the game to take some unexpected turns … Did you think you could just dump her afterwards like some cheap harlot?!


  1. Hungry. Luckily for the Knight after a certain point you won't be able to switch from a Dragon to one of her sisters. On the contrary, entering Dog Princess' route will force you out of the dragon ones… “Why” is explained in the game, of course~

  2. Woah you got yourself a new fan, not every day you see unique work like this I will be lurking lol xP.

  3. hello all the Dragon prinsess ii whi transform mi evritime in the frost stone? and in the Sphinx dungeon 2nd i collect all treasures but not at all? where is the last treasure? pls say me 😀

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