v0.9 Early Access in a week! Akai/Ugokashitari as new animator!

‘Sup everyone!
I’m glad to announce that once again we will be able to deliver the next version of the game on schedule, the remaining adult scene (LamiaP) will be completed by next week, just in time for the Early Access for Patrons (12th of August)!

Despite it being August I hope you’re willing to sit and enjoy this new version of the game, that will feature:

  • Sphinx’ Fortress! Big dungeon, lots of puzzles, 2 bosses, 1 new adult scene and more!
Brendan Fraser won’t be there to help you this time!
  • Dog Princess, handle with care!
You will be able to recruit her (1 new adult scene, but at what cost!), to stop her madness or to just leave her be, but that’s no fun!
Just don’t make her wait too much…
  • Dragon Princess I’ questline (and her first adult scene), follow the way of the Dragon until the bitter end!

    Boogie’s artworks are masterpieces, as usual.

    • The 8 new items, with the needed mechanics, I already talked about some days ago.
    Expect FUN
    Dog’s and Dragon’s questlines will be playable up to the point they enter Dragon Queen‘s castle.
    In there their stories will reach a turning point and more preparations need to be done before we reach the first 2 endings for the game.
    Dragon Queen’s castle will also host a new character that is getting ready to play with the knight~

    To sum it up:

    • 12/08 – v0.9 Early Access for Patrons.
    • 20/09 v0.9 Public Release, cleansed of the hopefully little number of bugs and various issues we will find.

    And after this?
    After this it will be time for optimization of the overall framerate (right now the world map works greatly, many littler ones not so much), to overhaul many of the older Princesses and to finally work on the script to make animated cut-ins work during battles!
    Our new japanese animator is Akai/Ugokashitari, his Pixiv is full of good stuff~

    The first (of 4) rough animation for Kobold!
    Keep cheering for us, it’s thanks to you all if this project keeps going strong and is involving more and more talented guys!


    1. I was already a fan of him so I thought: “why not, let's ask him”.
      He knew about Towegirls already, saw the game somewhere and accepted to let us borrow his skills~

    2. This is awesome keep that goodness coming guys!! 🙂

      The Sphinx' Fortress looks like its going to be fun to explore.

      DogP's quest-line looks like its going to be interesting playthrough so I'll just have to be very careful. lol

      DragonP quest is going to be great and I'm getting hyped for when she gets her animated cut-ins. I'm going to take a shoot in the dark and say the this new new character is Imp princess.

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