July 2016 Patreon Rewards!

Hey everyone!
Another month is coming to closure, only a couple bits are missing before all’s ready to release and as I’m sure you can see, it was quite the busy month~

Here’s the usual little preview of the new artworks for the game: v0.9 will include all 3 these new adult scenes, as promised.

3 new adult scenes + new portraits + adult gifs (and this doesn’t show the new musics and maps!)

But that’s not everything! The first animation starring Kobold Princess is ready (if you didn’t know, he‘s the guy making them), and we already started working on the second one, they will be in the game starting next version, as soon as I work on the Battle-Rape script (will talk about all the mechanics behind it soon).

Have a peek at the base-frame for Kobold’s second animation!

As someone might have noticed we already opened the poll for the 10th Princess too!
Together with it we are choosing one of the “old” Princesses that will get revamped for next update (with a new set of portraits, an adult scene, a set of animations and with new quests!) in the Princess Renewal Poll!
Best girl Slime Princess is leading, as planned.

Following this wave of positivity here’s this month sketch from the Patron’s raffle:
“FairyP stealing AngelP pantsu”!

Sooner or later we’ll get our hands on you, fairy. And it won’t be all that funny.

Now I’m back working the last details, I hope you’ll enjoy the new version of the game!

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