Battle-rape Preview!

First preview of the new Battle-Rape system!
This is how it works:

  • As you level up, or using items and equipments, a Princess can gain Lust Points;
  • usually they start with 0 points, but there will be exceptions (like Goblin Princess or the other dirty~ ones). 5 points will be the limit;
  • with 0 points in Lust they can’t get battle-raped, you can have them all for you (if you raise their Love Points instead);
  • If they have points in Lust there will be the chance they get grabbed from the enemies during battles;
  • With 1~2 Lust Points they will play 2 of their 4 individual animations, looking submissive;
  • If you raise their Lust too much (3~5 or 4~5 depending on the cases) they’ll become corrupted, easily giving in to rapes. All 4 the animations will play at that point and they’ll look like they’re enjoying it even in the ones where they looked submissive with a low Lust score (in this state they will inflict damage on the enemies while getting raped too!);
  • You can shook off the assaulter using the arrow keys. Succeeding to do so will grant the Player 3 seconds of immunity from damage and other assaults;
  • Shooking off will become harder under certain conditions (high Lust, repeated rapes…);
  • The animation will play faster as the Princess HP approach 0. If they reach 0 the cumshot animation will play and the Princess will be KO’d.
Everything is working as intended, only rounding the edges remains.

Remember that virginity loss will be permanent!

During your playthrough you will be able to decide which girl you want all for you and which one will just be baiting the enemies, getting progressively more corrupted, but becoming more proficent in dealing huge amounts of damages during the rapes!

As for animations: Like I said 4 animations will be made for all the playable Princesses, but since I recieved so many reqeusts I added 2 new milestone goals:

  • the first to add animations of Knight x Monstergirls;
  • another one to open monthly polls for new animations to insert together with new quests (HumanP x KnightP forbidden love~? DesertP x a Djinn?). One per month to put a burden on the normal ones.
Now that the first 2 animations for KoboldP are finished we will move to the winner of the “Princess Renewal” poll.
Who will win? SlimeP? SkeletonP (ought to be fun)? GoblinP will make a comeback?
We will see. The 2 polls will close in 72 hours, make sure you voted for your “best Princess”!


  1. hi i like the game, but i am curious, will the player be able to talk to the princesses and ask for sex at camps, or is it going to restricted to just the various scenes, i am asking because i think i read some where there was talk about a breeding system in the future or somthing, also keep up the good work.

  2. Well, from my understanding Anon Knight will be able to have sex with them since there are two different animations dick-only for Battle-Rape and full body for Anon knight so I think you'll be able to ask them at the camp.

    Yeah, There is a breeding system coming, I'm pretty hyped for it I think a lot of us are.

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