Poll’s Results!

I’m closing both the polls now!
The winner for the category “Best 10th Princess” is…

Moth Princess!

Exclusively nocturnal, will you be able to reach her in the deceptive forest where she lives?

The winner for the category “Best Old Princess you want to see redone” is…

Slime Princess!

She will get new portraits (TheBoogie/Meaconscienta is on it), the next 2 animations (check picture~), her castle will be redone and she’ll get new quests!

Her first animation, sketched out by Akai~

I better resume working on it now, I’m currently scripting mindbreaks and I don’t feel bad about it!


  1. Awesome, Looking forward to seeing SlimP's new design. Now we get a second bug waifu MothP kinda hoping RabbitP will win next time.

  2. Nice to see things picking up, and I am curious as to how the Moth Princess' hallucinogenic dust will come into play.

    On a second note, do you actually read our comments?

  3. Yep, I read all of them and try to answer to everyone, when possible.

    About Moth:
    her reign will have no “walls”, the forest surrounding her nest is tricky enough for any army. The Knight will have a hard time himself trying to reach her!

  4. I am extremely thankful that you take the time to look through these comments. ^^ I was a bit worried.

    Anyway, it sounds like Moth's place will have quite the interesting nest. For some reason I picture it as a maze of sorts, with several areas with clouds of pheromone dust to get lost in. Still, this is brilliant work, and know that we all appreciate your work.

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