First look at the new すらいむ!

First look at the new Slime Princess, at her new peaceful reign and to the new message box!

The latter will be used only during dialogues with the Princesses, can be personalized to have a different colours or icons for each one of them and is a PAIN to add into the game since I have to change most of the dialogues to “show no dialogue box” (this new one comes together with the portrait).

After I finish doing so, the message box will be easy to personalize afterwards, it will be enough to just change some files, nothing involving game client.

The new portrait is yet another masterpiece made by Boogie!

Her gooey majesty town is getting completely overhauled to be more adequate to the “slime” theme and the same thing will happen for the throne room!

And now, forgive me for the short post, but it will take me many days to finish what I’m doing, better get back to work!
Until next time~


  1. I love her too!
    I agree, the new ones are looking better and better, that's why the old Princesses will keep getting reworked.

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