v0.10 Preview!

Only about 10 days before v0.9.1 goes public, and is already time to talk about what’s coming next.

Next version (v0.10 in all likeliness) will probably be one of the most content-heavy until now, not only there will be new adult scenes, but also several new changes in the gameplay department… but let’s proceed with order.

  • Slime Princess rework 

Last poll decided that she was going to be the first one between the “old” Princesses to get reworked, along with her castle.
She’s the first one, with Kobold, to have her first 2 animations done too!

  •  Battle-Rape

Yea, from v0.10 you’ll have to watch out for your party members during battles, or things could end up in a… sticky situation.
If you want to keep them safe and pure you better avoid investing points in Lust as you level the girls up!
As long as they have enough Love points they will (likely) agree to have sex with the Knight, without risking their physical and mental sanity in battle!
SMASH those arrows to free the Princess!

However, as they get raped, their Corruption will increase. They won’t be mistreated by the enemies anymore, they will heavily damage the ones brave enough to have intercourses with them instead!
Watch out when the Corruption score rises too much, you could mentally break your beloved!
How are you supposed to check the score?
But with the…
  • Lewd Stats Menu
In similiar fashion to VH and other Hentai Games we will have our “Secret Diary”, where you’ll be able to see the log of a Princess’ sexual activity.
Basically, how much you’re fucking up her body AND mind…
Just a little more and we will have new sprites for these windows too!

This will be useful to keep her Corruption in check and to track the state of her pregnancy too, when the feature will be ready!

  • The “Faun’s Labyrinth”, also called the Tavern
We’re going to spend so much time in there…
Comfy, useful and packed of content!
With Faun Princess as the Inkeep (she won against Holstaur Princess by a little margin just a couple days ago) the Tavern will take the place of the Mansion we used to deposit our party members until now… and then some!
Outside of what you would typically expect to find in a tavern, like a merchant or performers, the place will also host one of the main sources of quests you’ll have!
  • The “Knights INC.”
The guild that sent the Knight to the Kobold’s reign in the first section of the game has a department in this very same tavern!
The quests you can get there are organized in 11 different levels, from 0 to 10 (and oops! you got kicked back to level 0 after the red dragon razed the Kobold’s Reign).
Every day you can complete 1 quest and you’re free to repick them!
Completing quests will grant you various rewards and will gradually raise your Guild Level, needed if you want higher level quests and rewards!
There are Neutral quests, that won’t involve you with any particular Princess…

…and there are Faction ones. These will grant you Affinity, besides the usual gold and items, as reward!

By the time the new version is released 10 Faction Quests and 5 Neutral ones will be ready!

  • Dragon Princess I and Dog Princess endings
As promised their questlines are being completed and the 2 girls will be the first ones to see the end of their stories!
There will also be a new seekret adult scene that I won’t spoil for now.
If Dog Princess doesn’t get you killed you may reach her ending in next version~
Same place, completely different stories, but the Queen is involved in both of them. 

  • This is taking too long!

And like it wasn’t enough already: Moth Princess incoming!

  • New intro! Fullscreen mode! New dialogue window!
The intro has been completely redone, to introduce to Player to the game’s world in a natural way!
Fullscreen mode is also working without any issue and you’ll be able to play Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest in glorious upscaled 600p! (thank you Zeus81!)
Patrons Release: 1st of November


  1. I'm pumped for the next release with all of its awesome packed content. You're on a roll man keep it up.

    I am kinda curious to know if after we help the first DragonP with her questline she become a party member?

  2. Once you finish her questline and reach the ending you will be able to decide if you want to start a new game or keep going in the one you're playing. If you choose the second you'll be able to have her on your team.

  3. Oh snap, That's awesome looking forward to having her on my team. I'm a little curious if that go's for the other two (not sure if 4-6 count but I really hope it does) DragonP's as well.

    The first choice has me intrigued I'll have to do her quest to see what happens.

  4. How do you get the sex scene with Human Princess? I've gotten to the point which she goes after the goblin camp, but I can't figure out how to proceed.

  5. Hey! Help me. After I defeat the first dragon they freeze me and I can do anything more wtf '-' This on version 0.9

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