Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest v0.9 Public Release!! + Patch4rev2

Beware: Dragons.
Finally, it’s time for v0.9 to be released for everyone!
I’m so caught up with the preparations for v0.10 that I barely realized it was this time already, but I know a lot of you have been waiting for it. Well… have fun!
Time for…
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Required: VxAce RTP

v0.9 Previews: 1 – 2
DL links: Game+Patch rev.2 (MEGA) – Patch only (rev.2) (MEGA)
DL links: Game+Patch rev.2 (Mediafire) – Patch only (rev.2) (Mediafire)

For everyone: 
DL the new patch (“v0.9Patch4+DragonlingsFix.rvdata2″) and replace the old one with it (delete the old one from the “Patches” folder and move the new in in there)!


v0.9 Patch4
-Fixed the teleport to DP I’s lair, now the first scene won’t play more than once.
-Fixed the Slime/Ghost Princess alliance speech
-Reduced the required Pricness Affinity to recruit all the Princesses to 3 (GoblinP still at 2)
-(rev2) Dragonlings appearance event fixed
v0.9 Patch3
-Fixed an error that caused the player to TP to the standard battle map even when he was supposed to fight in the swamp/mountain/desert one;
-Dog Princess stopped appearing at the campsite before you recruit her;
-Fairy defeat message in their forest plays 1 time now;
-Fixed some walkable tiles in Dragon Princess II castle;
-DP II sprite in her study appears correctly now;
-The Chef Boss now falls correctly in the trap;
-Human Princess’ sprite now isn’t visible sitting on her throne during sieges;
-Drider/Golem Princess awakening event now plays correctly if you leave and reenter the throne room before defeating Drider Princess;
-Fixed Kobold Princess’ sprite during campfire events #3 and #4, as Knight’s movements during event #4;
-Mole’s Boss map isn’t pitch black anymore;
-Spiders in Golem’s tower now respawn correctly;
-The necromancer in Kobold’s Castle (after the intro) now can die. So much for a necromancer;
-One of the golem’s units was sometimes causing the battle to end when it shouldn’t. Fixed;
-The Dragon hatchling now doesn’t disappear right after the message announcing him;
-The stones in the Gargoyle Boss room disappear correctly after the fight;
-Several fixes in the pyramid, including the most severe one, that caused Crest Princess to leave the place before the fight (resulting in the Knight being trapped forever in the Pyramid);
-Frog Princess now asks money for her “potion”. 
v0.9 Patch2
-You can now leave a sieged castle without doing anything;
-Tweaked the moving platform in Sphinx’ Fortress;
-Going to save Sphinx alone (no Kobold nor Desert Princess in team) should work as intended now;
-Desert Princess’ speech after you save Sphinx ends without looping back now;
-Assassin Princess now appears correctly in the map after you deal with Human Princess;
-Fights and events in Dragon Princess II’ castle entrance have been fixed;
-Golem/Dog Princess yandere event fixed;
-Completing Sphinx Fortress for the 2nd time (and onward) now works correctly.
v0.9 Patch1
-HumanP/DogP yandere event fixed;
-DragonP II appearance event fixed;
-DogP campfire scene 1 fixed;
-Dragon Princess I scene 5 loop fixed.
-Assassin Princess appearance event fixed


  1. Disposed Bitmap error when people attack just like the other versions. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling RPGVX, nothing. Tried unpacking the data and loading it that way via RPG Maker Decrypter, nothing. Tried run as admin/XP compatibility, nothing. Why does this game hate me?

  2. can i report bugs here? seems that the dragon hatchling(when it first appears with the intro and everything) ut bugs out leaving a black screen.

  3. noted,anyways,made a new game and its fine on this run, just sayin that i think theres a chance that dragon hatchling can bugout on intro freezing to blackscreen. will report any bugs found on the gmail.

  4. Same I can't seem to get her to appear unless I go burn the forest and take the fairy but still after defeating her she gets stuck in her guards passage way thing.

  5. I have the Steam version of VX Ace, will that work or does it *have* to be the RTP version linked here?

  6. First head to the second region, go to the west to find a snowy area, enter the tent and interact with the body, you should know what to do, once you obtain the item from the dungeon go back to the first region and near the top close to the cheat area interact with the sparkles/npc (MAKE SURE TO HAVE THE ITEM EQUIPPED)

  7. Keep in mind i used the first file that came with the update so there might be a step that i missed

  8. You need to leave INT at 0 points and to level the other stats.
    You can reach her island by taking with you a fairy (in they're forest) or Fairy Princess (Insect Princess questline).

    Triggering the DP II appearance event isn't needed to reach her place.

  9. I reached the island and defeated all the enemies,but she was stuck in front of the door

  10. hello im speakt witch the faity in the forest but she say the princess is gone or samteing else
    pls help me what i need to do?

  11. Might has well post this because I've seen others (including myself) having a problem recruiting her.
    To get human princess you need to first do all her dialogue
    Do the mission where she gets kidnaped by goblins
    And have 10 affinity points, after all that she should have three hearts and when you go save her she should come with you.
    I'm not sure but I think the affinity cheat thing makes the goblin even not appear.

  12. Insect princess storyline, the human Kingdome needs to fall to make the insect one spawn.

  13. hello all a make all!! i summon / weaked up the insect prinsecc but to the fairy prinsecc in the storyline i make it to insect prinses to eat is what i need to do for the fairy prinsess to survive her?

  14. You need to refuse to throw the boy in the hole in the beginning and after defeating her go to the option she deserves it, hope this helps.

  15. sall all in the pyramid 2 for the desert princess right what i need to make to enter her?
    ooo and thx Anonymous and Towerfag for your help 😀

  16. I found a couple of bugs allready going from saved flies you guys left in the game. the most important is that the game will sometimes crash and freeze. one of those happened to me while saving, and the save corrupted, now when i load the save, the game will crash and freeze.
    And, in the dragon princess i quest,the part when she gives you the dragon helmet (throws it at you actually) the knight may just stand there and not move to pick up the helmet. and youre forced to F4 the game and load a saved flie.

    also. i fond kind of frustrating the fact that you need to disscover yourself the location of the “flying item” of dragon princess ii. been a month more or less trying to find the str/end/int/dex combination and the item thing stabbed me on the back. searched half kingdom and the thing would never go on.

    And for the last. the “Patch” updating thing its pretty cool. but, why not take that as an advantage and simply make some kind of updater which will download those patch archives to the patch folder? you can make it even with “Batch scripts” AKA “MS DOS”. at least for windows, it will work using “PowerShell” commands (avalible from windows xp or vista dont remember) and will work with just a Dropbox direct download link.

    gonna see if i find any more bugs 😛 even if maybe the ones i found were alrready found. i like to feel that i helped in some way.

  17. took screenshot of my last crash message (not crash/freeze this time just crash). and found something about a script called “Sapphire action system IV” and a lack of memory, which i know by right hand couldn't be my computer things since i have a real time checker running in it that tells me when my its forcing itself, and also i have pretty good components insite the machine to being running bad out of a RPG maker game.

  18. Yep, crashes are the game's fault, not your pc.
    Luckily I got rid of them thanks to KilloZapit cache clearing script.

  19. well… time to wait then. makes me wish i had money for patreoners edit. crashes made it unplayeable for me since i dont have the opportunity to save.

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