September 2016 Patreon Rewards!

Thank you for everyone’s support during September, Patrons and normies too!

Version 0.10, that will feature battle-rape and like a hundred more features, will be out by the beginning of November.
I’m ALMOST sure it won’t be this time that I break my record of punctuality!

Halloween is coming too~… expect something spooky!

As usual, the gallery has been updated with all the new artworks made for the game during September!

More animations, more artworks, more musics 

If you feel like supporting this project become a Patron! This way not only you’ll get access to the gallery (roughly 700 between sketches and artworks), but you’ll also be able to play with the new versions of the game before anyone else!


  1. Hey TF, I've been thinking… We've only seen Kobold princess and Slime princess on the Battle-rape previews. Will all available princesses have battle-rape in 0.10, or just these two? (Or maybe these two are the only available companions right now, and I'm a retard?)

  2. Hey Magda!
    We're adding animations as we go, we started with Kobold then added Slime since she was the winner of the latest poll between the “old Princesses”.
    Consider that an animation takes something over a week to make, I plan to proceed adding 3-4 new animations every month.

    V0.10 will have:
    3 Kobold's animations
    3 Slime's animations
    1 Dragon Princess I's animation

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