v0.10: New quests, stealth and SPERM

Hey everyone!
v0.10 is drawing closer and closer every day, it’s time we take a peek on some of the new additions!

Let’s start with a couple quests (the game has 16 completely new quests and 9 old “missions”, like the ones to retrieve KoboldP or SkeletonP treasures, reworked for the new quest system).

Let’s start with yet another stealth mission, it’s needed to introduce the reworked enemy detection.

-The Blackout

In this mission you will have to turn on the lights, before you can fight these spooky ghosts!

Let’s skip that there are several places where the key you need to complete the quest is hidden, or that the enemies in this quest will have different patrol routes if you replay the quest.

Until last time the enemies could only see the Player if he was right in front of their faces, now it works differently. Verily so.

The picture will explain the changes better than I could with words:

The enemies won’t be able to notice you if you approach them from behind, until you touch them.
They are now able to see to their sides in a small radius and in a cone ahead of themselves.

Now it feels way more natural, both during fights and sneaky quests!

-Sperm Collection quests

Divided in different ranks, these quests will ask the Player to go fetch specific cum samples from monsters around the game’s world.
If you’re being asked for sperm of wolves, or spider’s, or anything else, you’ll have to search for a monster of that category!

The first one will be wolf’s by default and you’ll have to reach a cave near Golem Princess to find them.

Once you reach the wolves you’ll be asked who’s going to play the “lamb”. 
Needless to say, she won’t be happy about it…

The first quest is scripted, but you’ll be normally “rewarded” with sperm everytime one of your princesses gets knocked out while being raped.
“To the loser go the spoils!”

Won’t spoil much more for today, but you should also be prepared for Dragon feels and to bully Faun Princess with Dragon Princess I.

Oh, I’m sure you will, Princess!


  1. From v0.10 investing in Lust points when leveling up will make her “rapeable”. Love points will be sufficient for the Knight x Princess scenes.

    The quest by the way is optional, you can skip it if you don't like battle-rape at all.

  2. Hey! Help me. After I defeat the first dragon they freeze me and I can do anything more wtf '-' This on version 0.9

  3. So were you planning on adding them? That relieves me, I mean, I am not a fan of letting the princesses I hoarded and I kept as a harem just for them to be raped by any random monster, or person, but… I appreciate the “realism” and how it's actually there for if it happens. Also, my birthday was the day you answered, so I'll take your reply as a birthday present. YAY -w-

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