v0.10 progress and new stuff!

Hey everyone, been a while since I last wrote in the blog to write about gameplay so: here I am!
v0.10 got released a week ago and already got through a lot of revisions.
With the last one we finally got a stable version, without crashes or memory-load issues and with almost all the FPS issues solved, even for the weaker machines!

Starting 18/11 something new will happen with the development process, in fact I’ll start releasing test versions of the game, with new features that will be tried out for the first time.

The most important ones for this first release will surely be:

  • Slaves Auctions
  • NPCs in the Tavern and adventuring NPCs
For today’s post let’s take a peek to…

Slaves Auctions
This was one of the mechanics I was looking for the most when we added Goblin Princess!
I’m glad I had the time to plan it and work on it so that we can make the most out of it.

How does this whole things works? The data-crunching behind it is quite complicated and let’s consider only enslaved Princesses for now, but the end result will play like this:

  • the Goblin’s reign will be able to acquire slaves;
  • to do so they will have to trade Wealth for her;
  • they can acquire slaves only from reigns they’re not in war against;
  • they’ll get “for free” the Princess of every reign they defeat themselves.
If they manage to acquire one, and if you’re in good terms with her Green Majesty, you may partecipate to the auctions!

Slime Princess on her Green Mile!

The starting price will be high but… it’s a Princess we’re talking about, what did you expect?!
You’ll be able to offer the price you want, there will be other partecipants that can relaunch your offers and 2 minutes of time!
Play your cards well and you could bring her home, as a new party member!

Prepare to break your piggy-bank!

But at what cost… AT WHAT COST?!

The poor girl will be… traumatized… her Corruption score will be so high (8~9/10), that a single misstep could spell doom for her, breaking her spirit irredeemably!
You will have to pay quite the sum to cure her from that condition, but once you manage to do so she’ll be all in all a new member of your team!

And now let’s take a peek to the next animations in the making, to end on a good note!

Goblin, Kobold and ASS-ASSin Princess!

Akai‘s working on more than 10 new animations right now, both SFW, for ingame events like war declarations, and NSFW ones!
There’s also a new artwork from TheBoogie incoming, but that’s for another time~


  1. Awesome, I was hoping for something like this with the slave auction. I'm looking forward to seeing the new animations as well.

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