Today I’ll give you a short introduction on some kinda advanced NPCs, commissioned and designed with the Patrons!
Their design is still WIP, but that’s close to how they’ll look.

NPCs ~ Adventurers
These NPCs will work in a completely different way from what you may have seen in other RPG Maker games.
They are able to move freely in the Kingdom, thanks to stats that define their affinity with the Princesses and their “mobility”.
Once they have a starting point they’ll be able to decide by themselves their next target location, depending on the distance from it and to the events happening around them:
while a peaceful, faraway, reign they have no affinity with will unlikely strike their attention, a war happening nearby involving a faction she likes (or dislikes) will likely trigger their “will” to intervene.
Same things with Slaves Auctions. They’re likely to travel great distances if the Goblins are about to sell their favourite Princess, trying to save her from falling into ill-willed hands!
One of the first NPCs with such abilities will be…
Lance, shield and plate to smite all evil!

Amélie! Raised by a human knight she will travel the world searching for a Princess to serve, one whose love and dignity are second to none.
Depending on the Knight‘s behaviour toward refined and lawful Princesses she may become a powerful ally or someone to avoid, these big-ass weapons aren’t just for show!
Like all the other adventurers, she will be able to get other Princesses to join her party if she happens to save them from a siege or to buy them from the Goblin’s auctions (just like the Player-Knight)!
NPCs ~ Harlots
You can call them bitches, whores, however you like. These NPCs will sell themselves to the Knight for money, but… that’s not everything!
Let’s start by introducing the NPC that will guide the Knight in the wonderful world of pleasure-to-money trading! 
Exotic, traveling dancer, trying to get big money for her plan…
As you meet Qhala (she’ll travel around the Kingdom in this first phase) she will sell herself to you. Give her enough money to set her plan in motion and… she will open her own brothel!
In there you’ll be free to leave Princesses (or other female NPCs) you’d like to have “trained” as sex professionals, boosting their stats and their inclination to lewd acts.
Not only that, make them work in the brothel and you’ll be granted a percentage of their profits!
 NPCs ~ Sorcerors
Well, this category is pretty broad. 
What they have in common is a fixed place where they live, like a laboratory, a cave, a tower or whatever fits them, and that they are able to do… yea, some kind of magic.
One of the first will be a witch! Babs the witch!
Half sheep, half witch, all cute!
Clumsy and curious, she sells potions and wands that cause trasformations of the Player or of your targets (try to transform Human Princess in a frog before one of her tea parties, and see what happens~) into animals. 
These transformations will grant little temporary bonuses to you, like added movement speed or stat buffs.
Unable to use her magic to transform someone or herself in human she doesn’t know much about them. The Knight will be one of the first humans to come into contact with her. 
Grow friendly with her and she will agree to trasform herself in other Princesses, making her our game’s gallery, to re-view all the animations you unlocked until then! HNNNG!
Of course she will have her own storyline too, that will see the fluffy witch getting closer to you and Human Princess.
These are just the first 3 commissioned NPCs, there’ a lot of work to do, but I’m trying to give each of them the same level of attention!
Back to work now, next post will cover the new Dressing system!


  1. Words cannot describe how awesome and amazing this is! I just hope they will come to fruition and not.. Er.. Get too complicated to finish.

    Good luck guys!

  2. For adventurers like Amelie, will it be possible to get them and any Princesses that join them to join you? Or if they're enemies, will it be possible to defeat and “capture” them?

  3. I'm not sure what mean by the “hard way”. I figured if you did it the ways I mentioned, which one happens would depend on your play style (nice guy or ass hole), but if it becomes possible to lose access to princesses forever, I'd feel constantly worried about that while playing. To have to constantly feel that kind of stress and worry while playing would probably be a deal breaker for me, and is something I've been worried about since this NPC thing was first announced awhile ago.

  4. kobold knight looks really good, all the pictures are really good but my favorite is clearly the knight.

    the sheeps horns looked kind of glued on, maybe have a strand of hair or something cover it?, i have no idea actually how to make it look better but she's still cute.

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